Dennis Griffin, Northridge High School Student, Passed Away

On Thursday, Sep 28, 2023, a junior year student at Northridge High School, Dennis Griffin, sadly passed away, leaving behind the school community and loved ones sad and devastated.

His death was announced through social media by Northridge High School in a post that remarks:

“A Northridge High School junior, Dennis Griffin, passed away this afternoon at UAB Hospital.

The loss deeply saddens us, and our thoughts are with his family and friends. Dennis profoundly impacted NHS as a student, athlete, and friend to many.”

Cause of death:

Questions are rising about the cause behind the sudden and tragic death of Dennis, and it is unclear at this time, only reported by the sources that Griffin passed away in the afternoon at the UAB Medical Centre.

Despite unconfirmed sources indicating that Dennis may have died from a sickness, the mystery surrounding the circumstances of his passing has increased the community’s sense of loss and despair.


At this time, the family of Dennis is already facing a difficult time and is asking for privacy and will announce the funeral and obituary later.

About Dennis Griffin:

Dennis Griffin was a beloved part of the Northridge High School community. His upbeat outlook and lovely nature impacted the people who knew him.

He was a student who exemplified the best aspects of youth, including friendliness, curiosity, and hope for the future.
A Northridge High School announced that during this challenging time for our students, faculty, staff, and all who knew Dennis. We have had counselors and social workers at NHS all week to help students cope with this tragedy, and we will continue to have counselors and social workers available to help our students in the coming days. Teachers and staff have access to our Employee Assistance Program.


Jaidan Hunt shared a heartfelt tribute on Facebook,

“Tonight we gathered together, what looked like everyone in Tuscaloosa for Dennis. Flying flags is one of Dennis’s favorite things and tonight we flew so so many flags. It means so much to everyone. This shows that it isn’t about rivalry it’s about unity. It not only takes one but takes an army. Not only Dennis but the Griffin family is so loved in this community. Dennis, you are the brightest light in the room. You are someone who can light up any room you walk in. I love you so much. There is no one else i would rather talk about food with for hours. No one else i’d rather laugh with falling off the golf cart or playing at the playground with. You are such an amazing person and a path of light in the darkness. I remember the day i met you and we instantly clicked. You could make me laugh in the toughest times. You are so strong and i know you can pull through. I know God isn’t finished with you yet. Stay strong for us Dennis. Hug the people you love and tell them you love them.”

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