Denis Abrams Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Denis Abrams was a devoted father, police officer, and community member. He always placed others before himself. He died after retiring from the police department after 20 years of service.

Denis received a rare and severe disease called omentum cancer in July 2022. He was given eight weeks to live even though he was only the 43rd person in the world to have this particular carcinoma.

He fought for ten months with the support and love of his wife and his faith in God. Denis made the most of those ten months by spending as much time as he could with his loved ones, including attending hockey games, dining at his favorite restaurant, and walking his youngest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Denis spent his last weekend with his family in the White Mountains making new memories, laughing a lot, making spaghetti dinner for everyone, and just being with those he loved.

Although his family knew how limited their time with him was, his sudden and rapid decline left them unprepared for his demise. However, many individuals are probably aware of the expenses of losing a loved one, and I can only speculate on the additional financial strain of cancer treatment.

At Keene, New Hampshire’s Cheshire Medical Centre, Pat, Denis’s wife, worked as a nurse. Until recently retired, she devoted more than 40 years to helping others in need. Her husband’s care took precedence over the community in the Monadnock region.

Together, they had intended to enjoy retirement, but now she is forced to perform the unthinkable. Denis and Pat spent decades helping and caring for community members, and now it’s our chance to let them know that their efforts were appreciated.

The family may reveal more information about the funeral services in the future. A GoFundMe page has already been put up to gather money to assist the family in organizing the funeral rites during this challenging period.

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