Debanhi Escobar Found Dead: How Did She Die? Cause Of Death

New Lion. The body found yesterday in a cistern on the grounds of the Hotel Nueva Castilla, belongs to Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, the 18-year-old girl who disappeared on April 9 in Escobedo, Nuevo León, confirmed the State Attorney General’s Office, almost 24 hours after the body was found.

The Attorney General of Justice of Nuevo León, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero Gutiérrez, indicated that the cause of death was deep skull contusion.

“The scientific evidence carried out allows us to communicate that the body found is Debanhi Susana,” said the prosecutor.

Yesterday, the authorities found a lifeless body inside a cistern on the grounds of the Hotel where the 18-year-old girl was last seen, a place that was inspected 4 times until after 13 days of disappearance they found the remains.

The rescue efforts of the body took hours, however, until today, a day later, Debanhi’s identity was formally confirmed.

The attorney general pointed out that at this time no line of investigation is ruled out in the death of the young woman.

“We will put all the resources in our hands to determine the facts that have happened, and if these indicate a crime, they will be prosecuted with the full force of the law,” he said.

The Specialized Prosecutor for Missing Persons, Rodolfo Salinas de la Peña, pointed out that on April 9, after having arrived at the party accompanied by her two friends, “due to apparent differences with people” who were at the Quinta El Diamante, she approached the private transport, from which she got off on the highway, according to the driver’s testimony.

“There are records that near the place of descent is the Alcozar company, where Debanhi went at 4:30 a.m., apparently trying to communicate with someone, without being able to be attended by employees of the place, without having any further record of her whereabouts,” he said.

The deputy prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Luis Enrique Orozco, said that the scientific evidence will identify the circumstances in which Debanhi’s death occurred.

He confirmed that the workers of the place reported fetid odors emanating from the tank, where a search operation had already been carried out without first finding the body, until this Thursday.

“The place where the body was found previously had an inspection authorized by the owner, in which elements from the Prosecutor’s Office, the State Public State Commission, and State Civil Protection, as well as Debanhi’s own family, participated, in the search at that moment did not allow to find the body now located, which was later reported by the workers of the place due to the gases emanating from the cistern.

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