Death of John Schneider’s Wife: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Actor, singer, and movie producer John Schneider shared the heartbreaking news that his wife, Alicia Schneider, had died on his official Facebook page.

On Wednesday afternoon, John Schneider announced the passing of his wife, the actress Alicia Allain. She spent many years fighting cancer.

“My beautiful Smile is pain-free, living in her new body alongside Jesus. Please respect our privacy during this time of grief. Please do not ask any questions,” he posted.

“Shortly after beginning his marriage, Allain received the news that her cancer was in stage 4 and HER2 negative. Doctors estimated that she had three years left on her five-year shelf life and gave her two years to live.”

Information on funeral services may be released at a later time. Everyone is mourning Allain, remembering her, paying respect to her, and expressing their sympathies on social media.
“I’ve just gotten word that @John_Schneider wife, Alicia, passed away today. I didn’t get any details, but I don’t need any to be aware of the pain + loss that John’s dealing with. My thoughts and prayers are with him, along with the thoughts and prayers of the entire Dukes nation.”

Allain has worked on movies as an actor, producer, and makeup artist. In 2019, she wed Scheider, best known for portraying Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The two exchanged vows “before God,” and they were legally wed shortly after that. Together, the duo constructed Louisiana’s John Schneider Studios.

Alicia is a short person at 4’11” (150 cm) tall. Yet in no way, shape, or form does that imply that she has disappeared! In addition to serving as CEO of Maven Entertainment and her husband’s personal and professional manager, she has also worked as his production partner at the age of 53.

Talk about artistic ability! You may find a list of the movies where she is credited as an actress, producer, makeup artist, or a combination of all three. In addition, Alicia is especially noted for her parts in the 1991 movies Badge, Leather Jacket, and Cage Fear (2002).

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