David Fritts, Legacy Performer at the Unicorn Theatre, Died Due to Cardiac Arrest

A Local of Kansas City, Missouri, and a legacy performer at the Unicorn Theatre, David Fritts has sadly and unexpectedly passed away on September 18, 2023.

His death was announced through a Facebook post by the Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City that stated:

“Our hearts are with the friends and family of David Fritts as the KC Theatre Community mourns his passing.
If you or someone you know is struggling with this news and would like professional support, please reach out, and TCF will connect you with a therapist/counselor.”

Cause of death/ Obituary:

David Fritts passed due to a cardiac arrest, leaving everyone in deep mourning and grief. Details regarding the funeral and obituary will be posted soon.

About David Fritts:
David Fritts was an acclaimed actor who resided in Kansas City and was a great asset in the entertainment industry.

Along with his fame and his teaching work, he was admired for his patience, cheerful looks, and friendliness. He was a fantastic performer.

In addition to being a righteous and just human being, he was compassionate and hilarious, with a startling intellect. He was a brilliant, talented man, one of the finest actors; he was everyone’s favorite person in the KC Theater community.

He was funny, charming, and, above all, accessible. He was so easy to have a dynamic, deep philosophical conversation with, and then, on the turn of a dime, he could deliver a joke with snappy, quick-witted humor.

David’s strength through his wife’s Illness and eventual passing was heartbreaking and inspiring. Undoubtedly, he wore that loss heavily until the end. But he remained strong through the sadness. And funny. And even cheerful in the face of it.


Rusty Sneary wrote,

“David Fritts set the bar for me. He went to the same high school as me. I received the same introduction to theatre as he did. Our mothers went to church together. There were a lot of similarities, which led me to believe that I could be as great as he was. Working beside him was an inspiration, an education, and a dream. Then, I had the fantastic privilege of becoming his friend. We shared dressing rooms where we would proudly display our post-show whiskey bottles to the chagrin of the theatre, and then we would go to the Blarney Stone. And even watching him play pool and picking out songs on the jukebox was something I would have paid a lot to experience.

I drove him in his car home one night, and he insisted that we sit and listen to Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart before we got out. He cranked it, and we just sat there in the driveway.

I am listening to it now, and God, David…I miss you. All I can say is Thank You. And “I miss your face like hell.” There are still So many rivers and roads until I reach you, but I will strive daily to do so and make you proud!”

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