Dave Sherman Cause Of Death – What Happened To Him?

Dave Sherman, a renowned Doom Metal bassist for Spirit Caravan and a passionate vocalist, passed away on September 7. He was 55.

The Spirit Caravan Facebook page uploaded a picture of the musician and wrote: “Sherman’s death was confirmed.” “Dave Sherman, rest in peace. RIDE THE CARAVAN TO THE SKY!

Furthermore, Wino” said, “R.I.P Dave. “He had a big heart and was a wonderful person. I appreciate the time we spent together and the songs we made. We are beyond shocked and saddened. We will sincerely miss him.”

The cause that lead him to death hasn’t been revealed. According to some unconfirmed claims, he experienced cardiac arrest.

Along with Wino, Sherman was a founding member of Spirit Caravan. In 1995 Wino himself formed the band and named it Shine. Spirit Caravan became the group’s new moniker in 1997, and they remained active until 2002. The band reunited in 2013 and continued to perform under The Obsessed until Wino announced in 2016 that the members of Spirit Caravan would join the group. Shortly after playing bass on 2017’s Sacred, Sherman quit The Obsessed.

Besides those two groups, Sherman also performed with Earthride, King Valley, Wretched, Weed is Weed and Galactic Cross. In an interview with Outlaws of the Sun in 2016, Sherman reflected on his involvement in the doom scene.

He created an album titled Sacred after signing with Relapse Records. He spent 17 years working in this industry and earning from his time with them.

There isn’t any research available about Dave Sherman’s net worth or extensive biography.

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