Danilo Gentili Suffers Anaphylactic Shock; Video

Danilo Gentili revealed on Sunday (4) that he faced a severe allergic crisis after taking drugs he shouldn’t have. With anaphylactic shock, he came to have thoughts of death. The host of The Noite on SBT appeared with his face disfigured and swollen in videos on social networks. “I could go to the bag,” confessed the comedian.

“Really, I had a tense Easter Sunday, I was in observation, now that my eyes are improving. But I had tense periods, I was in observation, if my windpipe did not regress, I would need to be intubated and if I were intubated it would be a huge risk for me because I cannot take medicine “, he explained on Instagram.

Danilo Gentili, who is a Christian, took the time to share a message of faith with followers on the web and revealed what he thought when he felt he might die. “It would be a very complicated situation if I was intubated, I could go to the bag.

When I thought I could go to the bag, I had peace because I remembered what I have believed and I remembered that because He lives, I will also live. I remembered that because of Him, even if I died, I would live. That is the certainty of my faith “, said Gentili.

The host of The Noite warned that the allergic crisis was caused by a medication that he could not have used. “I’m allergic, it started to give anaphylactic shock, my eyes started to swell a lot, and my windpipe started to swell a lot. They were very tense moments”, justified him, who made jokes with the weight of colleague Diguinho Coruja in the sequence.

In the Stories tool, the comedian joked that the appearance was disfigured due to facial harmonization, in addition to comparing himself to the character Rocky Balboa, a fighter played by Sylvester Stallone in theaters.

On Twitter, he left another message of faith to his followers: “Today I went through very tense moments and when I thought about death, all I thought was: ‘Because He lives, even if I die, I will also live’. I had peace. That was my Easter: I remembered closely the importance of the Resurrection. He is the Life and he came for you! Believe “.

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