Coronavirus: how many people die per day in the world

The death toll increases with the passing of the days being a serious concern.

This Monday night there were more than 20 and a half million infected with coronavirus worldwide. In addition, there are more than 745,000 deaths from the pandemic, according to the Worldometers online site that collects data from all countries and produces general statistics every hour. The pandemic that unleashed the coronavirus worldwide continues to take lives as it passes around the planet while the vaccine continues to be treated.

In total, the spread of the disease affected 20,514,404 people, with 745,693 deaths and 13,434,416 patients who had already recovered. In the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic generated 167,749 fatalities, with 5,305,957 confirmed cases so far. For its part, Brazil remains in a critical situation with 103,099 deaths and 3,112,393 infected people. Both countries are the ones that spread the virus the most.

n third place in the world ranking is India, with 2,328,405 total cases of coronavirus and 46,188 deaths, according to official data compiled and published online through the website. Russia is in fourth place, with 897,599 infections and 15,131 deaths, while South Africa is the fifth most affected country, with 566,109 positive cases and 10,751 fatalities.

Among the active cases worldwide, there are a total of 6,334,295 infected patients. Of which only 1 percent (64,607) are in a serious or critical situation. To date, deaths represent 3.63 percent of total cases and 5 percent of completed cases (between recovered and deceased). 65.49 percent of the patients managed to recover.

While the rate of recoveries continues to rise and the mortality rate increases slightly, the average number of daily cases worldwide during the last 10 days managed to stabilize, after the peaks of last month. August carries an average of around 255 thousand cases daily. Daily deaths increased reaching a weekly average of over 5,800 per day. A thousand more deaths per day than a month ago. Before October there could be 1 million deaths, if mortality continues.

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