Cody Nelson, a Bradford Contractors Worker, Passed Away Unexpectedly

A Bradford Contractors personnel sadly passed away and left behind this world in deep sorrow and agony.

Cody Nelson died on September 13, 2023, shocking his cherished family and friends. His death was confirmed through a Facebook post by Lauren DeGregorio that remarks:

“You were truly one of a kind. You had a way of making every single person you came in contact with feel special. You lit up any room you walked in and kept smiles on SO many faces. You were truly one of the good ones – Such a sweetheart! 😢 RIP Cody Nelson – This one hurts SO many to the core. My heart goes to your family 💔 and the many blessed to know you. Say hey to all of our people up there, buddy.”

His family does not publicly disclose the exact cause behind his passing. Specifics about the obituary will be posted soon so his loved ones become part of his final rituals.

About Cody Nelson:

Cody Nelson did his schooling at Westosha Central High School. He was a worker at Bradford Contractors. He was passionate about his skills and profession. As he was skilled and employed, he was also a loving, supporting husband to a lovely wife, Allie Nelson.

He goes above and beyond to love his wife, whether by delivering breakfast in bed, surprising her in different ways or leaving thoughtful notes in the house while leaving.

He shows his affection through all of his words and deeds. He put a lot of effort into being a great father and setting good examples for his children.

Cody, as a father, mentor and friend, was well-regarded. His parenting abilities included the ability to use stories to impart life lessons. He was the master at incorporating morals and ideals into compelling narratives.


“I only hung out with Cody Nelson a hand full of times but felt like I knew him forever because of his personality. I’m so sorry to his family and friends, My condolences.”

“Cody Nelson you were such an amazing guy, you always put a smile on everyone’s face. You brighten up the room wherever you went! I will miss your big hugs and huge smile every time I seen you! You will be missed more than you could even imagine. Prayers for Allie Nelson Robbie Nelson, friends and family. There are no words and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.”

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