Co-Murder-Suicide: James Aragon and Wife Died In Colorado

An unfortunate event happened: a man killed himself after beating and shooting his wife dead in Denver, Colorado. Children called the police for help; a lookout alert was issued to the nearby residents for a detailed investigation of the tragic murder-suicide case.

How did the incident happen?

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about domestic violence at a home in the 4300 block of South Holland Way early Monday morning. It has been reported that the incident occurred at around 12:15 am on Monday, 27 November, when a family member dialed 911 to say that the father had a gun and shooting at their mother.

Three children at home at the time of the incident could escape. Still, it has been reported that the suspect approached the destination and started open firing on the two children and the deputies who were oncoming. In the open fire, an infant was injured non-critically as she got a gunshot wound in the leg, which was then followed by her immediate shift to the nearby hospital. The other bullet hit the deputy’s pant leg, but it struck the mobile phone that was in his pocket, due to which he remained safe in the incident.

The open-firing incident resulted in an immediate response by the Jeffco Regional Swat team as they surrounded the residence. A lookout alert has been announced for the nearby residents to stay in their locations.

The SWAT team found a dead woman who was the victim of domestic violence. According to the reports, she had been finished, shot, and assaulted in the residence. The suspect of the murder, James Aragon, was the 54-year-old husband of the woman who first gunshot his wife and then killed himself, which was declared as a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The guardianship of the children has been divided among the family members. Although the matter is a murder case, a thorough investigation is necessary to identify the exact circumstances of the incident. Further details will be provided after the conclusion of a detailed investigation

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