Chuck Kumalaa Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

Sad to say, Chuck Kumalaa, a longtime Marion, Ohio citizen, lost his battle with himself and tragically passed away. William Kumalaa, his son, claims that Chuck reportedly committed suicide on February 6, 2023. After being released, Chuck Kumalaa supposedly killed himself.

Chuck Kumalaa said on Facebook that he had decided to end the horrible condition he called life. I’m sorry if this hurts some of you; most people are probably used to my causing them sadness and disappointment. I do love you guys, my babies. I’m sorry I’ve left such a mess behind. Please occasionally remind the grandkids of me, although I’m sure they’ll forget me soon. To my friends: I hope I’ve left you all with happy memories because I’m grateful to you all for giving me some.

My physical and mental agony is just a little bit too much to handle anymore, and I seem to muck up everything I touch. I was told today that my only skill is fleeing, which is additional evidence. I am listening to the whispers because something in my brain makes me believe this is best for everyone. I’m finally no longer hearing the static.

William Kumalaa, his son, formally introduced himself as Chuck Kumalaa’s son. Due to the tragic death of our father, my family is appealing for assistance. He lost a psychological conflict with himself and is survived by four children and six grandkids. They set up a gofundme page to cover the costs of the funeral, cremation, and memorial; any donations will be used for those expenses.

The target amount was $10,000; however, 322 donors raised USD 9,303, reaching the objective.

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