Chloe Mackenzie was killed in a car crash in South London.

Two vehicles smashed in south London on Wednesday night, killing one person. Chloe Mackenzie, who is 19 years old, has been named as the victim by the police. She died as a result of fatal car accident injuries.

Around 7:20 p.m., emergency personnel was called to the site of a two-vehicle incident on Bostwick Road between Southdale and Wharncliffe roads. Five people were hurt in all, the police reported, and they were all taken to a hospital with injuries ranging from serious to life-threatening.

One of the automobile’s drivers, hospitalized with possibly deadly injuries, passed away. Her former cheerleading coach has identified and is mourning the person who passed away, even though London police have not yet released the names of those who were injured.

Everyone is missing and remembering Chloe Mackenzie, including friends and relatives, expressing condolences and honors to her on their social media. Regarding the funeral services, no information was given.

Jamie Matte, coach of the London Heat, remembers Chloe Mackenzie, 19, as someone who made competitions more enjoyable. “Chloe was a shining example,” remarked Matte. She was lovable, witty, and athletically gifted, in addition to being intelligent. I do not doubt that the world will miss her light.”

Chloe would be mourned lost and affectionately remembered for her spirit, said Matte. “She and the squad travelled to Florida with us because we had known her for a very long time. We were close to the athletes as a result, and we treated them like family. And with this, we’ve lost a lot “Added she.

Matte claims that Chloe’s passing will be remembered and honored at the Heat Cheerleading practices on Thursday night. According to the police, the ongoing investigation has been transferred to the Traffic Management Unit.

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