Chase Osborne Death: the Owner of an Outdoor Creations Company and a Young Angler Died in a Tragic Accident

Alabama, US: The owner and CEO of ‘Outdoor Creations’, Chase Osborne, who was also famous for being a talented angler, died on Thursday afternoon in a tragic accident. The sudden death resulted in heartfelt outpourings from his landscape management and local community.

What happened to Chase Osborne?

According to Russell County Sheriff’s Office Alabama, the authorities responded to an emergency scene on Thursday afternoon that involved a tragic accident of a 19-year-old man and a passenger. The 19-year-old man, who was later identified as Chase Osborne, died due to severe injuries sustained in a tragic terrain vehicle accident that occurred at 105 Stillwell Drive. The official sources do not yet confirm the condition of the passenger.

The investigation is actively underway, and no further information has been provided at his time regarding the circumstances of the accident. More information will be provided once it is available.

Who was Chase Osborne?

Chase Osborne was a stand-up man and a heck of a young Angler. The young man was a Smiths Station, Alabama, resident who went to Smiths Station High School there. Chase Osborne had a passion for fishing and was a heck of a young angler. He consistently demonstrated his prowess as an angler and taught others his talented fishing skills. He was also involved with various tournaments of fishing. Recently, he chased fish on Lake Martin with OGS tournament trials, a bass fishing promotion and a Tournament Company. The sudden demise of Chase Osborne shocked the OGS Tournament community, and they shared heartfelt condolences to the deceased family and admired his Angler capabilities.

Chase Osborne was also a renowned landscaper. He was the landscape company ‘Outdoor Creations’ owner and CEO. He had completed many landscape projects, including Driveway installation, Erosion control and Drainage, Retaining walls, Brush cutting, Demolition, and Tree Services. He had also offered many other services, including in-ground pet fences.

Obituary and funeral

The family will share the obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date.

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