Collegiate Athletics Icon Charlie McFall Passes Away at 75

Charlie McFall, the esteemed athletic director and coach at Collegiate, passed away at 75, concluding his remarkable 43-year career in Richmond, Virginia.

Cause of Death:

At the age of 75, Charlie McFall died due to his poor health conditions. He served as an athletic director and a football and baseball coach at Collegiate for 43 years. The cause of his death was his deteriorating health.

Who was Charlie McFall?

Charlie McFall’s legacy was deeply interwoven with the fabric of Collegiate. He was not just an athletic director and coach but a true representative of the Collegiate.

He began his journey in athletics in 1960. He started with an excellent reputation in football, baseball, and basketball. He is a graduate of Randolph-Macon College. He completed his school in 1970.

After his education, he pursued his passion. He was not doing it as a job, but it was his interest and love. His dedication and hard work led him to the Collegiate, where he marked his name with a golden pen.


Charlie McFall had a significant impact on Collegiate. He joined the school when then-headmaster Mac Pitt Jr. offered him a position. He taught mathematics and also assisted the younger teams of football and basketball.

As time flew, he performed significant responsibilities, like taking over the baseball program in 1982 and the football team in 1986. McFall also served as the school’s athletic director for 26 43 years.

He remained head football coach for 21 years. He made his team to win 127 times and one tie. Although his team lost 66 times, it cannot make his work less dedicated. He always gets his team improved and shows with a comeback. He is honored by four Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) championships and five Prep League titles.

McFall loved football. He was an expert in sketching plays, making strategies, and setting positions of the athletes in the play area where they could succeed. His team always celebrated for their preparation, determination, and fearlessness.

McFall’s love for football was legendary, and he was known for his expertise in sketching plays, devising strategies, and putting young athletes in positions where they could succeed. His teams were celebrated for their preparation, determination, and fearlessness in facing challenges.


Wilson described McFall as a “true legend” as he was also Wilson’s mentor. He wrote:
“To Coach McFall, you were not just a coach to me, my brother, and sister, but also a cherished friend to my dad. Your presence meant the world to our family”.
“I love you dearly, and as you journey to the heavens, know that you’re taking your place as an All-Time Great Coach. Rest in Peace, Coach. You will forever reside in our hearts.”

Funeral Arrangements:

Details regarding Charlie McFall’s funeral arrangements have not been disclosed to the public by his family.

The Collegiate community and his loved ones are paying their respects to him.

Charlie McFall will remain alive, for not the records, but the place he made in people’s hearts who were fortunate to know him.

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