Chad Denzler Found Dead: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

On January 2, Chad Denzler, a New Palestine, Indiana resident, disappeared without leaving a trace, upsetting his family and friends. His family members claim that the locals last saw him leaving his house in the evening and heading to a specific area. Still, detailed information has yet to be made public concerning his subsequent movements after his phone was also improperly followed.

No information was available on his condition or suspected location. Several pieces of investigational details must be revealed to ascertain his exact location. The police officers are eagerly anticipating the examination as well. Several pieces of investigating information must be made public to find him exactly.

The investigation is also highly anticipated by the police personnel. The home of Denzler is located on South Havens Drive in Sugar Creek Township.

The police claim that Denzler hasn’t made contact with any of his close friends or family members. He was distraught and walked away from his New Pal, Indiana home. He stands about 6 feet 2 inches tall and is slim.

His wife, Amanda Denzler, whom he recently married, posted the information on her social media pages to get help finding him. She explains every word in that communication and asks the police to assist in finding her husband.

The specifics surrounding what happened are unclear; thus, the police still need to make inferences from the family members’ general allegation of a missing person. They are also still determining his precise location and current state.

There are no specifics on the funeral services offered.

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