Celine Tiffany Ann Involved in The Death Case of Her Kids Peanut and Jayden Howard

This news is very heartbreaking as we announce that Celine Tiffany Ann, a 32-year-old Kentucky mother, has been charged with murdering her own two little children, Peanut and Jayden Howard. This incident happened in their own Shepherdsville home.

Emerging Details

When this incident happened, one of the neighbors was very concerned about what had happened. Hence, the neighbor informed the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office at 11:07 a.m., reporting that a shooting had happened and also that he was sure of the injuries at the residence home. After informing the authorities, when that neighbor entered the house there, he saw a disturbing thing, which was that six-year-old Peanut and nine-year-old Jayden were in a bedroom, and both the kids were completely covered in blood. Also, he discovered a gun nearby.

He also stated that

” Celine Tiffany AnnInvolved in Death case of Peanut and Jayden Howard “

Both the kids were shot dead on the spot.

The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crime scene within no time, and on reaching there, they urgently shifted both the severely injured children to Norton’s Children’s Hospital in Louisville. Although they had received immediate surgery, both the young siblings died because of their severe gunshot wounds by 2:50 p.m.

Who was Charged guilty of murder?

Celine Tiffany Ann, who was the mother of both kids and was 32 years old, was formally charged with two counts of murder of both the kids, from which one was six and the other one was nine years old. The Bullitt County Detention Center processed her by 3:45 p.m. As The investigation is still in its initial stage, further details are unavailable. The exact circumstances that surrounded this murder have not been disclosed or shared with the general public.

Hearing and the Funeral arrangements

A hearing was arranged for Lucas, the mother of the kids, on Thursday morning.

On that morning, Celine Tiffany Ann went behind bars on a 2 million dollar bond charged with her son’s murder. As the details say that her hands were folded across her chest, she said nothing, and she showed no emotion as if she was not even guilty of the act she did.

Lucas remains at Bullitt County and will return to court this coming Tuesday.

The community is in deep shock from such a disturbing act; in initial reports, it was confirmed that whoever was connected and involved in the incident has been identified and that there is no ongoing threat to the community.

Meanwhile, the details regarding the funeral arrangements and the memorial services of both the little souls have not been announced yet. As the lightest coffins are the heaviest, so many are in grief and want to join and pay their condolences and respects to the two little souls.


Their neighbor, Steve Steier, expressed his disbelief, stating that,

“It’s sad, I mean, what’s this world come to for a mother to shoot her two children like that.”

Amanda Mangis, another neighbor, shared his feelings by stating that.

“It’s devastating, I mean as a mother I can’t imagine thinking that’s the only way.”

The Howard family will release the obituary soon, as this time is too painful and disturbing for the family and the community.

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