Camrynn McMichael Accident: What Happened To Him? We Explain

Camryn McMichael, an 11-year-old boy, died in a “fireworks incident.”

The Indiana State Police said in a statement that “the accident took place in Indiana at approximately 9:42 p.m; Mt. Vernon Police received a 911 call regarding an 11-year-old boy, Camryn McMichael, getting serious life-threatening injuries from a fireworks incident. Unfortunately, he could not sustain the injuries and lost his dear life.”

The boy died last night on Sunday while he was on his way to an Evansville hospital.

Mother, Kyrra McMichael, confirmed to the Police that her son was playing with fireworks. No further information on the occurrence has been made public. Other than this that the accident happened when Camryn McMichael was playing with fireworks, and he was “gone in the flash of an eye.” Additionally, tomorrow is the scheduled day for the autopsy.

Moreover, the Mt. Vernon Police Department, the Posey County Coroner, and the Indiana State Police are all investigating the incident.

Mother Kyrra McMichael describes his son and says, “He was dedicated, hard-working, (on the) honour roll, and never got in trouble,” she said. “And if he did it, he wanted to make everyone laugh. No matter the situation, he tried to be happy.”

We have no information regarding Camryn McMichael’s funeral, Until we receive any information regarding his Camryn McMichael’s funeral, we pray for the departed soul. May his soul rest in peace.



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