Calli Newberry Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

On Monday evening, a woman lost her life in a terrible car accident. Calli Townsend has been identified as the victim.

According to sources, Hillsdale College graduate Calli Townsend died from injuries sustained in the catastrophic car collision.

There was no other information provided. The details of the accident were not revealed. During this sad time, our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.


The family will disclose the funeral arrangements and service details when they are ready.

Everyone, including friends and relatives, has begun to miss and remember her and send tributes and condolences to her on social media.

About Calli Townsend:

Calli was an excellent person who prioritized the needs of our children and had an unshakable dedication to assisting student-athletes in our community.

She had exceptional talent in her work and was instrumental in improving her neighborhood. Calli lived a life filled with generosity and love, always accompanied by a cheerful grin with a clear sense of purpose and confidence.

She earned a journalism degree from Hillsdale College and was a runway model there. Calli exuded a distinct celestial radiance throughout her life. His memory will live on forever.


Mia Finnegan has put up a Gofundme campaign with the message: The beautiful Townsend family, Steve, Jodi, Curt, Jake, Chance, and Ellie, lost their daughter, sister, wife, and mother, Calli, to a tragic car accident, thank you for helping with their needs, and God bless you xo.

This charity has solely assisted the family in arranging burial services and other matters, with 321 donations totaling $30,825 towards the $50,000 objective.

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