Bruce Russell Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Bruce Russel is no more!

A very famous and prominent, and of New Zealand’s longest-serving broadcaster has passed away. All his family, friends, and fans are devastated to learn about his death.

However, Bruce worked tirelessly for 70 years. He worked as a news anchor, and night shows anchor and he was a very famous host of a night show named In My Day. The cause of death is yet to be revealed. We are trying to get the information from his family and will update our readers.

According to the reports, he passed away just before he was about to get featured on his night show as he was the host of Newstalk ZB.

A statement shared by the show’s website, they stated: “One of our  long-time Newstalk ZB presenters, Bruce Russell, passed away unexpectedly but peacefully last night.”

The statement continued by stating that Bruce was a fantastic and amazing team player. Along with that, he was a very talented host and news anchor. They continued that he had delighted his audience over the years.

Moreover, Bruce Russel was a man of wisdom. He had earned the great loyalty of listeners from an early age. He had a very loving and cherishing personality.

In his early life, he worked as a broadcaster in New Zealand. However, he kept writing ads and then he got posted in numerous community stations. He kept working hard to make his career in broadcasting.

He also got into programming and later on,  he started working as a manager at a very small station based in Central North Island.

Bruce also played a very young role last year on Timaru’s Caroline Radio, Freddie. His friend on his show made him remember and said, “A lot of people have their own character… Peter Mac is the breakfast bartender and I’m the character, a little boy named Freddy. I came early in the morning, with a bang. Freddy was a little weaker The kid, his mother was on Foley, he chatted with the audience for two or three minutes… Later on the radio I continued the role, it was his birthday, the radio was mobbed by the kids Queued for miles to shout for Freddy Yell,” Russell laughed at it.

Bruce Russel has a wide named Lorna and a son named Andrew.

We share our condolences with her family, friends, and loved ones!

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