Brianna Limas Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

According to a social media post, Brianna Limas, a resident of Midland, a city in western Texas that is a part of the Permian Basin, was involved in a car accident on February 10, 2023.

Brianna, also known by her loved ones as Bri, passed away. Limas graduated in the class of ’22 from Midland High School in Midland, Texas. She passed away as a result of the accident’s fatal accident. The accident’s specifics or circumstances have not been disclosed.

Everyone has sent tributes and sympathies to Brianna on social media while also missing her and remembering her.


The world is noticeably duller without Bri, stated Midland, Texas resident Allie Wheeless in a memorial on Facebook.

“Gorgeous niece Brianna Limas! We all adore you, and we will miss you very much. Our hearts are shattered beyond repair! I noticed a giant brilliant star in the sky tonight shining brightly to the south of where we were all sitting, broken and in grief for you in the house you grew up in, and I know that was you, shining brightly like the star that you always were and still are!”

“She touched our hearts, always looked out for others, and will be cherished forever. Brianna Limas, you are very loved!”

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