Brian Lucykanish Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death, Funeral

An officer and former Air Force veteran passed away, and Pemberton Township police expressed their sorrow over his departure. The Township Police posted information on the “untimely passing” of Patrolman Brian Lucykanish on Facebook on Friday.

On Thursday evening, a police patrolman from Pemberton Township was killed in an automobile accident while not on duty. The collision happened along Jackson Road close to the Atco Speedway in Waterford Township. According to the agency, the patrolman was identified by Pemberton Township as Brian Lucykanish, an Air Force veteran and parent.

The accident, which caused Jackson Road to be closed for several hours, still hasn’t been given a cause by investigators. Flags were at half-staff at the municipal office in Pemberton Township, and a purple and black banner was flying outside the police station.

It has still not been made public what exactly happened to cause the accident. The officials might reveal information on the funeral services later. Everyone, including friends, family, and coworkers, misses Brian Lucykanish and remembers him. They are also paying respect to and expressing their sympathies to him on social media.

Kim’s parents had one grandchild, Brian, who was the oldest. He was just 31 years old. The oldest of his four children, who may be now seven years old, were left behind when he left his wife and young family. Aside from his sister Stevie, who was the closest in age to him, Brian also left behind three additional younger brothers and sisters (now 30, they were thought to have been twins themselves by many when they were growing up).

Someone posted “A CHERISHED MEMORY” – We were all at Fort Rucker visiting with Brian’s younger sister Stevie and her five kids, as well as an aunt and grandmother from their mother’s side who came to visit as well. Stevie is one year Brian’s junior. Jovial throng. Kim, Tracy, and I were fortunate to have our rental cabin on the base during this visit. Still, on various nights, some of the children wanted to spend the night with us, splitting the nights with the kids who wanted to come to that cabin, which added the benefit of reducing the crowd at the base house.

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