Brazilian Singer And Songwriter Cassiano Dies At 77

Author of the hit ‘Primavera’, a musician from Paraíba was in serious condition, in Rio, after a cardiac arrest

The singer and songwriter Cassiano died in Rio at the age of 77, author of the hit song “Primavera (vai Chuva)”, eternalized in the voice of Tim Maia. In late April, he suffered a cardiac arrest and had been intubated since then at Carlos Chagas Hospital. At the time, he was tested for Covid-19 and was negative, as anticipated by Ancelmo Gois’s column.

Through its press office, the Rio de Janeiro State Health Department reaffirmed that Cassiano did not arrive with Covid nor was infected during the hospitalization period, but did not inform the cause of death. The singer and songwriter had already undergone surgery to remove part of a lung, which would have complicated his condition.

Paraiba from Campina Grande, Genival Cassiano dos Santos is considered one of the precursors of Brazilian soul, giving voice to great hits of the genre here, such as “A lua e eu” and “Collection”.

Albums of his discography, such as “We present our Cassiano” (1973) and “Cuban soul” (1976), are considered jewels for bringing together diverse influences, from Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding to Lupicínio Rodrigues, in a signature sound.

Excellent composer and guitarist, he wrote songs recorded by other MPB icons, from Alcione (“Mister sambs”) to Gilberto Gil (“Morena”). In Tim Maia’s work, in addition to “Primavera”, “I love you” was also composed by Cassiano.

The musician had not released his own albums since 1991, with “Cedo ou tarde”, in which he recorded successes from the 1970s, in addition to presenting unpublished songs. On the disc, Marisa Monte, Luiz Melodia, Djavan, Ed Motta and Sandra de Sá participated.

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