Brazilian journalist Paulo Stein Dies Victim Of Covid-19

He was a narrator and commentator for broadcasters such as the extinct TV Manchete and the subscription channel SporTV

Sports journalist Paulo Stein died on Saturday (27), at the age of 73, in Rio de Janeiro, due to complications resulting from the covid-19. The information was released by the Association of Sports Cronistas do Rio (Acerj), on its Facebook page.

Narrator and commentator of broadcasters such as the extinct TV Manchete and the subscription channel SporTV, he began his career in 1968, in the also now extinct Jornal dos Sports. Over these five decades, it has become a reference in sports journalism, in addition to lending its voice to the coverage of Carnival.

His daughter Natasha told the newspaper O Globo how quickly Stein’s picture deteriorated. According to her, the journalist was admitted on Wednesday (24), and, during the night from Friday to Saturday, it was necessary to intubate him. After a worsening of his condition at dawn, he died at around 8:30 am.

– A few days ago, he had been telling me he had the flu. I never believed him, but he was angry. He did what he wanted. Monday was my birthday and he had a terrible voice. We insisted that he go to the hospital and he resisted. At night, his voice was even better, but when he went to the hospital on Wednesday, he had a terrible voice. I don’t think he expected to be hospitalized. In his head, he would need only oxygen, but it ended up staying – Natasha narrated to the publication.

Stein was admitted to the Anchieta State Hospital, in Rio, and should be cremated this Sunday afternoon at the Caju cemetery, in a ceremony only for family members. He leaves his daughter, Natasha, and his wife, Viviane. 


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