Borje Salming Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Borje Salming is expected to have a net worth between $1.5 million and $3 million in 2022. But, according to many predictions, they have predicted that Borje Salming net worth was about $1.5 million.

Name: Borje Salming
Net Worth: $1.5 million – $3 million
Date Of Birth: April 17, 1951
Place of birth: Kiruna, Sweden
Spouse: Pia Salming (m. 2016)
Height: Height: 6′ 1″
Children: Bianca Salming, Teresa Salming, Rasmus Salming, Anders Salming
Siblings: Stig Salming

Borje Salming Dead

Börje Salming, considered one of the best hockey defenders of all time, died at the age of seventy-one, Canadian and Swedish media reported on Thursday evening.

The Swedish ice hockey legend was 71 years old. He died of ALS disease.

Salming was the first Swedish player to be elected to the Hall of Fame. In the North American Professional League (NHL), he appeared at the All-Star Gala three times, and as a defenseman, he reached the 70-point mark in four consecutive seasons. He retired from the NHL in 1990 and collected 787 points in 1,148 games, 150 of which were goals. This makes him the second most successful Swedish defender of all time behind Nicklas Lidström.

Salming announced nearly a year ago that he suffers from a disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS), in which the movable muscles cannot receive the brain’s commands and stimuli due to the destruction of nerve cells. The process can only be slowed down, not stopped. A ceremony was held in his honor in the NHL two weeks ago and in his country last week. His Canadian club, the Toronto Maple Leafs, lined up for their celebratory game with only his compatriots in the front row and in the goal.

With the Swedish national team, he was second (1973) and third (1972) at the World Cup, and was also a two-time Swedish champion. He stopped playing actively in 1993.

He was considered the first legionnaire in the NHL, who with his play and off-ice activities contributed to the promotion of European hockey players overseas.

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