Blake Hudson Death: East Carolina University Alumni Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Blake Hudson was a resident of North Carolina and an alumni of East Carolina University. Recently, the tragic news of the sudden death of Blake Hudson has been circulating, which led to outpourings from his well-wishers and community members, as he was known as a kind-hearted person.

What happened to Blake Hudson?

Blake Hudson’s cause of death has not been disclosed to the public at the time of this publication. There is no information available regarding the circumstances of the sudden demise of Blake Hudson. The news of his death was announced by the Facebook page which stated that he passed away yesterday early morning. The further information will be provided once it is available from official sources.

Who was Blake Hudson?

Blake Hudson was an alumni of East Carolina University. Blake started his career as a developer at Red Shark Digital and pursued his career at Business Growth Guide as a digital specialist. Blake showed his dedication and unwavering commitment to his business field and was known there as the most diligent and compassionate person.

People had a prominent vision of Blake Hudson as a person with characteristics of love and warmth. Blake showed immense care towards his colleagues and was a beloved family member. His caring and genuine nature made a lasting bond with people. His way of valuing everything, either small or big, made him the most distinctive among other individuals.
Blake Hudson was also a prominent figure in the community as he participated in the betterment of the community. He was always available to lend a helping hand to his friend and always showed his support and encouragement to his colleagues during challenging times in their career journey.

Celebration of life

The celebration of Blake Hudson’s life has been scheduled for Sunday, 19 November 2023, at Wilkerson Funeral Home, 2100 East 5th Street, Greenville. The visitation services are scheduled for between 11:30 and 12:30, and the funeral services at Pinewood Memorial Park at around 1 pm.

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