Black Rhino In North America, Dies At Zoo Miami

Miami, Jan 15 (EFE) .- Toshi, a 44-year-old black rhino that was part of the Miami Zoo attractions, has died of a variety of ailments due to his advanced age, the institution reported this Friday.

The rhinoceros, believed to be the longest-lived among North American rhinos and second on the planet, suffered from severe arthritis for which medications became less and less effective.

In recent weeks, the rhinoceros, which was born in April 1977 in Japan and was brought to the Miami Zoo in 1983, experienced a “dramatic weight loss and became lethargic,” without the tests that were given conclusive evidence about the motives.

In a statement, the institution detailed that Toshi underwent more in-depth tests without offering clues about his deteriorating health, after which the mammal’s condition oscillated until Thursday night, when it struggled to get up.

His caretakers determined that there was “no hope of recovery” and Toshi was eventually euthanized.

The death of the animal occurs almost two weeks after Pongo, a male giraffe who, because he was the tallest of the herd, was among the main attractions of the Miami Zoo, was euthanized after breaking two legs and then aggravating the wound.

Pongo, who was born in February 2009 at the Denver Zoo (Colorado) and arrived in Miami in November of the same year, received rubber shoes as prostheses through a large operation with the participation of up to 24 people and that , in the first instance, they were successful.

The giraffe was able to move again, but the prostheses fell off and the animal was injured again. The male giraffe was immobilized for further anesthesia treatment, but had to be euthanized due to the severity of the fracture revealed by X-rays. EFE

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