Big Ounce, Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Passed Away; What Happened?

Biggerton Ouncerton III, who was also known as Big Ounce, passed away unexpectedly. Death news of Ounce’s death was made public and announced on October 19, 2023, through a social media platform that was Facebook. A prominent member of Urban Rescue Ranch, Gabe Alan Perry, told and confirmed the death of Ounce.
He mentioned that


For now, the exact details of the time and the place of his death were not announced. The sad news of his death is all over the internet. Everyone’s sharing their thoughts on his sudden death.

What happened to Big Ounce?

The circumstances surrounding the prairie dog from Urban Rescue’s death are not disclosed. The focus for now remains on how sad the environment has turned since the news of his passing away. Despite being a furry, cute little prairie dog, he was also the most cherished and dearly loved member of the Urban Rescue Ranch family.

The fact that his previous owner, with whom Big Ounce lived, really did not take very good care of him, and because of that carelessness, he had some health issues with him.

Who was Big Ounce?

Big Ounce was a Black-Tailed Prairie Dog; as aforementioned, his ex-owner didn’t take good care of him, and he was left in a pet store. That was a lucky day when Uncle Ben found him in an awful situation in a pet store. He decided to take him with him. That was the day Big Ounce’s life took a turn.

Due to his cute appearance, he started gaining popularity among people. He had his fan following because of his pretty, playful acts and the laughter he provided to his audience. The Urban Rescue Ranch gained way too much popularity, with 719K on its official Instagram profile.

Uncle Ben and his first appearance took away Big Ounce, which was made in a video that went viral, that video was titled “Kevin vs 30 Prairie Dogs: Who Would Win? (700k Special).” An online source has very nicely elaborated Big Ounce’s appearance in a way

Big Ounce was a chunky, adorable prairie dog. He had tan-brown fur, dark brown paws, and cringed small ears.

When Uncle Ben took him to his place, Uncle already had many animals at his place. Big Ounce met with them all, but the dearest and the closest to Big Ounce were Gort & Quandale Dingle.

Social media right now is flooded with condolences; everyone’s speaking their heart out since they have this news of death. The official Instagram of The Urban Rescue Ranch comments section is flooded with fans sharing their tributes and memories of their dearest Big Ounce.
The community is mourning the loss of their cute furry Big Ounce.

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