Beautiful Actress of Argentine Jacqueline Carrieri Passed Away, Cause of Death?

Jacqueline was a model and Actress who passed on October 4, 2023, at 48. It is heart-breaking news for her family, friends, and followers who have followed her from the beginning of her career.

Who is Jacqueline Carrieri:

Jacqueline Carrieri is a famous name in Latin American Cinema. She started her career as a model and then stepped into acting. Jacqueline Carrieri is a famous name in Latin American Cinema. Jacqueline Carrieri was born on October 6, 1974. She competed in the San Rafael Harvest Festival beauty contest at 22, representing the Argentine district of Punta del Agua, and was elected Departmental Viceroy/President.

Jacqueline developed into a successful entrepreneur, running a store that served the needs of vintage queens. But this is different from where her career ends. She later performed in the Roma theatre in the Argentine city of Avellaneda after deciding to become an actress.

Jacqueline Carrieri passed before celebrating his 49th birthday. Unfortunately, when Argentine people need to celebrate the birthday of the beauty Queen, they are doing the opposite of mourning her death.

We feel sorrowful about Jacqueline’s demise. She was a stunning woman on the inside and out with incredible talent.

Death of Jaquelin Carrieri

A talented woman, an actress in one of the plays of our department that was developing in the Rome Theater until a few days ago. Jacquelin also owned a store that closed its doors during a pandemic, known for haute couture called “JAQUELIN CARRIERI BOUTIQUE.” She was in charge of dressing the queens of San Rafael mandate fulfilled for many years, showing their dresses on the white road and carousel of Vendimia Nacional. Also, from a young woman departmental Virreina of the Vendimia.

Kindly Pray for Jacqueline and her family, who are suffering from this tragic situation where they lost an essential part of their family.

Cause of Death:

According to the evidence that is currently accessible, the well-known Actress passed away while undergoing plastic surgery. According to information posted on the Instagram and Facebook pages where his death was reported, a blood clot would have developed during it, leading to his death.

Funeral Detail:

Jacqueline was a mother, and she had two minor children. Unfortunately, those children have to be raised without the presence of a mother.
The family of Jacqueline needs to cover this terrible situation. They are not mentally stable to make decisions about their funeral. Maybe that is why Jacqueline’s funeral detail is not announced publicly.

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