Ava Jones Car Accident? What Happened With Her Family? We Explain

Ava Jones’s father, William “Trey” Arthur Jones III, is no more.

Father William “Trey” Arthur Jones III lost his life in the collision on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, after a car struck him as he walked downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Coach Craig Nicholson of the Wheat State Elite girls AAU basketball team confirms that Ava Jones, her younger brother, and her parents, Amy and Trey, were visiting Louisville for a tournament, ‘the Run 4 Roses Classic’, held at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

On Tuesday, July 5, 2022, an accident occurred, placing Ava Jones, her younger brother, and her parents, Amy and Trey, all in hospital. Their lives were in danger as they had sustained severe, life-threatening injuries. They received on-the-spot treatment as soon as the paramedics arrived, and when they reached the hospital, they were treated in the emergency room. Unfortunately, despite the greatest efforts of the physicians and personnel, Trey Jone, the father of Ava Jone, lost the struggle for life.

Beth Ruoff, an LMPD representative, reported, With “serious injuries,” Ava Jones and her parents were sent to the University of Louisville Hospital. Her younger brother, meanwhile, was sent to Norton Children’s Hospital, where he received treatment for his minor wounds.

According to reports, Ava and Amy Jones are still fighting for their lives and are in serious condition.

Lexington, Indiana resident Michael Hurley, 33, was also detained by LMPD and charged. After LMPD finds a link to the collision, Hurley is charged with “one count of murder.” Hurley had previously been charged with four charges of first-degree assault, DUI, and a license possession infraction.

The findings indicate that Hurley had taken hydrocodone and was unsure that he did not make the turn, which is when he hit the four pedestrians, even though his blood sample did not demonstrate that he had been under the influence of alcohol when the collision occurred.

Hurley justifies his allegation by claiming that when he struck them, he was turning left off Market to head north on the second.

Hurley had his bond set at $500,000 and had been declared “not guilty” to his previous charges after a public defender represented him on Wednesday during an arraignment hearing.

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