Aubreigh Wyatt, a 13 Year Old Student Committed Suicide After Getting Bullied

Aubreigh Wyatt, an 8th-grade Ocean Springs School District Mississippi student, passed away on September 04, 2023. Aubreigh committed suicide after getting bullied by her classmates and took her life with her own hands. She was only 13 years old at the time of her demise.

As per her mother Heather Wyatt’s statement, kids bullying took the life of Aubreigh. She was hurt and helpless by listening to those harsh words from her mates, and when she could not bear those taunts and bullying, she had no hope and ended herself.

Her mother, Heather Wyatt, a 3rd grade teacher in Aubreigh’s school, released her death news through a Facebook post with an emotional statement stating that.

“Aubreigh Paige, my lovely, darling daughter, now has angel wings. Our hearts are devastated. We are incredibly appreciative of all the kind words and persistent prayers. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this terrible period. Words can never hurt me, but sticks and stones will break my bones.

They hurt her. She was murdered. She felt helpless after hearing your vile comments. She felt lonely when you left. She hates herself now because of your insults. Your bullying slew, my baby! My adorable child, #forever13.”

Aubreigh’s untimely demise left her family in shock and grief; she left the world by leaving her family and siblings behind. Thoughts and Condolences to her family and community.

Aubreigh Wyatt was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, on March 17, 2010. She was such a remarkable girl battling since she was always joyful, smiling, and surrounded by friends, and no one witnessed her inner demons.

Ocean Springs School District also posted about Aubreigh’s death on Facebook, and the school also set a corner for Aubreigh’s memorial services:

“The demise of 8th student Aubreigh Wyatt over the weekend saddened OSSD. Please remember the Wyatt family, students, and staff at Ocean Springs Middle School in your prayers today as they mourn the loss of a daughter, friend, and pupil.”

Social media have been flooded with condolences and prayers for the Wyatt family, and many of them are sharing suggestions to develop bullying awareness and child counselling sessions and asking to teach your children about right and wrong words. Hence, they know the difference between making fun of someone and hurting other people’s feelings.

She will always endure in the hearts of her loved ones forever, and the loss saddened the entire community—prayers for the little girl. Rest in peace, Aubreigh Wyatt.

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