At Least 5 Killed In More Than 100 Car Crash In Texas

According to the authorities, the crash that involved at least 100 cars was caused by bad weather that has affected Texas roads. Interstate 35W in Fort Worth closed all lanes due to a huge accident.

At least 100 vehicles collided Thursday morning on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, Texas, killing at least five people, said Daniel Segura, a spokesman for the local police, noting that the accident was due to bad time as the roads are slippery due to the frosts that affect much of the country due to a polar vortex.

18-wheelers carrying heavy loads were also involved in the crash and overturned on other cars. Several people remained trapped inside their vehicles, the city’s Fire Department said.

” At least 100 vehicles involved, 5 dead, 36 transported to local hospitals, ” the Fort Worth Fire Department said in a tweet, noting that the figures are part of preliminary information on the accident.

The authorities indicated that throughout the day they have been in charge of reviewing vehicle by vehicle to verify if there are people trapped, but that it seemed that all those affected had already been rescinded, even so, some rescuers have indicated that there are still cars wedged underneath other vehicles, which generates some uncertainty about the number of fatalities.

The crash, which covers nearly 1.5 miles, occurred around 6:30 a.m. local time after sleet and frozen rain fell the night before in North Texas, making it difficult to control vehicles, local channel KTVT reported.

The highway police closed all accesses to the interstate, also reported that they have a point so that the families of those affected by the accident can meet with them, also recommended to those who did not suffer personal injuries, to exchange insurance information cars and continue safely, thus avoiding creating greater congestion in the place.

About a tenth of an inch of ice accumulated north of Fort Worth, the National Weather Service said.

Several ambulances have arrived at the scene and transported dozens of patients to nearby hospitals in unknown conditions.

At least three people have died and many remain trapped in their cars after a massive crash on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, Texas. Credit: Photo: Fort Worth Fire Department

The Fort Worth area remains under a winter weather advisory until 6 p.m.

“These events are very dangerous because the ice is irregular. It is important to know that road conditions can go from good to dangerous in a few meters, ” said the National Weather Service.

Accident In Texas
(Lawrence Jenkins/The Dallas Morning News vía AP)

Dangerous snow storm

Like the Fort Worth massive accident, others have appeared on various highways across the country in recent hours, due to a winter storm that swept 1,500 miles from central Texas to southern New Jersey, causing widespread power outages in many communities.

“Please DO NOT TRAVEL through the Hill Country and the northern corridor of I-35. Conditions will continue to deteriorate as the roads freeze,” the National Weather Service in Austin requested in a tweet Thursday morning.

According to USA Today , the first rescuers to arrive at the accident site in Fort Worth had to remove people trapped in their vehicles using hydraulic tools.

Meanwhile, more than 60,000 families in Kentucky and 42,000 in West Virginia were without power Thursday morning due to the storm, according to, which tracks areas of the country affected by power losses.

Experts predicted that the storm will bring up to 6 inches of snow across the Ohio Valley and central Appalachians to the Mid-Atlantic, with more freezing showers likely Friday in parts of Virginia and northern North Carolina , lo which could cause further accidents.

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