Anteasa Collins Dead: Pittsburg Resident Anteasa Died in The Coliseum Shooting

The Oakland Police Department reported a horrific shooting event on Sunday, resulting in two deaths. Anteasa Collins has been named as one of the victims.

According to accounts, Anteasa Collins, a resident of Pittsburg, Calif., died due to injuries sustained in the shooting at the Coliseum.

Incident details:

The OPD received a troubling report about a shooting incident in the 800 block of 66th Avenue at 5:30 a.m. When authorities arrived on the site, they located a victim with gunshot wounds. Despite Oakland firefighters’ efforts, the person was pronounced dead.

As the inquiry progressed, officials discovered that another person with gunshot wounds was transferred to a local hospital but died due to his injuries. Initially unsure whether the two incidents were connected, the OPD now believes it is a double homicide.

Authorities have not announced the identity of the second victim. Anyone with information about either death is asked to call the Oakland Police Department’s Homicide Section at 510-238-3821 or the Information Line at 510-238-7950.

Obituary details:

The family will reveal details regarding the burial rituals. As everyone learns of Anteasa Collins’ tragic death, they become sad and upset, already missing and remembering her and expressing homage and condolences on social media.


“Anteasa Collins, so sorry this happen to you. Praying for your baby girl & family. You were such a sweet person, none but good vibes & laugh.”

“I LOVE YOU FOREVER, my sweet, beautiful friend !!! I will never forget you, girl.”

About Anteasa Collins:

Anteasa Collins was an amazing woman full of drive and determination. She lit up the room with her brilliant grin and had an outstanding loving and caring disposition, always willing to help and guide others.

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