Amparo Serrano Cause Of Death: Domestic Accident – What Happened?

Amparo Serrano, also the creator of the Distroller brand, died at the age of 57 after several days in the hospital in serious condition.

This Friday, August 12, the sad outcome of Amparo Serrano was announced. She, who was a member of the successful musical group Flans, died at the age of 57 after suffering a domestic accident for which she had been admitted urgently.
After three days under medical observation, the also creator and designer of the successful Distroller brand died in Mexico City.

The daughters of Amparín, as everyone affectionately called her, confirmed the death of their mother through moving messages on the networks, from where they said goodbye to her, expressing all their love.

“Creator of my being, that of my Distroller sister, a fan of making people feel good, a supporter of all of Mexico and half the world in every way, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, how could you leave like this? so much ahead, I don’t understand the protocol of this life and even less without you, you were my guide, my problem sucker, my best friend, my idol, my whole world in one person, my dear mom, I have no words or strength to write what I’m going to miss you a lot, not just me, all your loved ones,” wrote her daughter Camila along with several images of her mother.

Her other daughter, Minnie, did the same in another moving post, a true declaration of love to her beloved mother.

“Mom: I write this with a broken heart without believing that this is true… this is a nightmare… I’m going to wake up and you’ll be here… dancing, drawing, filling the world with creativity, happiness, and bad spelling, always supporting me absolutely EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING I wanted to do… you are my hero, my idol, my everything! My dumbbell is gone and with that half of my being is gone, I will never be the same again, this is not something that I will be able to overcome… You were the rainbow that filled life with color, from now on life will be completely gray. I love you more than anyone and you are immortal because you live in my being, “wrote Minnie very affected.

Amparo was known after her time with the unforgettable youth band Flans, in which she gave great moments of fun and joy to the public

Later she became the creator and designer of the Distroller brand and its endearing characters such as Virgencita Plis, Ksimeritos, Neonatos, Chamoy, and Amiguis, among others.

A world full of multicolor and full of joy that today turns dark with her unexpected departure. Rest in peace.

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