Amazon Prime Day 2020: When it starts and everything you need to know

Less than 48 hours after its start, we give you all the necessary information and tips so that you do not miss anything

This year Amazon Prime Day arrives a little later than usual. This discount event that is usually held in July has been affected by the pandemic and the e-commerce giant has decided to move it to October. Specifically, it will be on October 13 and 14 with the added incentive that can be used to buy a Christmas gift in advance at a very good price. It will be 48 hours where offers and bargains will be present in all categories, from technology, home, beauty, sports, fashion, etc.

So that you can get the best offers of this edition, from The Buyer , we review all the news and key information of Prime Day 2020 . Get ready because the countdown is coming to an end.

What is Prime Day?

The Prime Day is one of the biggest events offers e – commerce this year reaches its sixth edition . An exclusive day or days for Prime customers , where more than a million special offers are launched in all categories.

The most essential thing to be able to enjoy the Prime Day offers is to be a ‘Prime’ customer . As its title says, this is an event with which the e-commerce giant rewards its loyal customers, its ‘Prime Clients ‘. For this you must be subscribed to this service, if you already are, you should not do anything else or you can sign up for the 30-day free trial period .

Start your 30-day Prime free trial

If you are a student, this free trial period is much longer thanks to Prime Student . Specifically, it goes from the usual 30 days to 90 days . With this promotion you can enjoy all the advantages of being a prime customer on Prime Day 2020, the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaign, as well as the Christmas gift campaign.

Start your free 90-day Prime Student trial

When is Prime Day 2020?

When it hits 0:01 a.m. on Tuesday, October 13, the Prime Day offers will be activated. The event will last until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday the 14th and in those 48 hours the products in offers will change, so it is important to know what you want to buy and do a good follow-up to get what we really want to buy.

Prime Day also has advance offers in the days before, usually focused on their own. This year has not been an exception and today you can find their Amazon Basics home and electronics products with a 20% discount , as long as you are registered as a Prime customer. In its fashion brands such as Iris Lilly , Meraki , Amazon essentials or Aurique you can find discounts that exceed 40% . Your eero devices , a simple and secure WiFi system for streaming, video games and teleworking, and your Ring security systems They also get ahead of Prime Day with discounts that exceed 30%. In addition, there are also important promotions to subscribe to their services such as: Kindle Unlimited , Music Unlimited or Amazon Business .

What kind of offers are you going to find?

There are three types of deals this year : Deals of the Day, Flash Deals, and Featured Flash Deals.

The day’s offers may last 24 and 48 hours and will have discounts of more than 30% , with customer ratings higher than 4 stars and the vast majority will be items from major brands.

The flash offers are those that last a certain time and when that time expires products no longer have discount. On this Prime Day, the duration of flash offers has been increased. Now, instead of having a maximum duration of 10 hours, we will have up to 12 hours to get the desired item. Amazon has also ensured that these offers will have discounts equal to or greater than 20% . We must bear in mind that flash offers will last 12 hours as long as there is stock .

The flash offers outstanding are new this year. These are offers that have at least a 40% discount , which are products that are not usually discounted and that only last 2 hours or until the stock runs out. Amazon has assured that they will have more than 20 products per day in this offer category.

When do the offers start?

The “start time” of this Prime Day 2020 will take place from this midnight, that is, at 00.01 on Tuesday, October 13.

However, from today you can already find products with up to a 20% discount for advanced promotions for being registered as a Prime customer.

What products will be on sale?

Household, electronics, beauty, health, sports or fashion products. If you want to find out about a specific one, you just have to access the website or the App and look for the label “Prime Day Offer”. You can also ask Alexa directly what offers are in the sections that interest you and she will be in charge of keeping you up to date.


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