Alex Khadavi Death: Cosmetic Dermatologist, CEO of Advanced Skin And Hair Has Passed Away

Dr.Alex Khadavi Cosmetic Dermatologist And Founder Of Advanced Skin And Hair Has Unexpectedly Passed Away.

Dr.Alex Khadavi was a renowned celebrity dermatologist and a founder of advanced Skin and Hair. He had the privilege of working with famous celebrities and giving them beautiful skin, including Scott Disick, Lance Bass, and many other famous celebrities who consulted and treated by him. The news of his sudden death shattered the Los Angeles community, raising concerns about the circumstances of his death.

What happened to Alex Khadavi?

Dr. Alex Khadavi died at the age of 50, and the cause of his sudden death is not known to the public at this time of publication. The details regarding the circumstances of his death have not yet been disclosed, and he will soon informed once it is available.

Who was Alex Khadavi?

Dr. Alex Khadavi was a cosmetic dermatologist who had over twenty-four years of experience in his field. He earned his doctoral degree from the George Washington University in 1998. He finished his fellowship at the National Institutions of Health. Later, he completed his residency in dermatology at the University of California San Francisco.

Dr. Alex became the leader in the cosmetic dermatology. Skin cancer and excision procedures and Mohs surgery became the area of his expertise. His expertise in botox and scar revisions was the reason that attracted many famous celebrities. He founded an advanced Skin and Hair aesthetic clinic where he showed his expertise to the patients.

Dr. Alex’s influence on social media

Dr. Alex was a pioneer in the aesthetic world, and his skills and expertise made him prominent on social media. Dr. Alex has vast followers, with over 93000 on Instagram. He talked about the cosmetic procedures he provided that attract many people in the community. His approach to providing knowledge for the treatment made him the most trustworthy doctor as people unquestioningly trusted him for the matter of skin.

Obituary and funeral

Family members will share obituary and funeral arrangements.

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