Alberto Fernandez congratulated Vladimir Putin on the coronavirus vaccine

The President’s text emphasizes the coincidences that Argentina and Russia have when facing the pandemic with “solidarity” and not competing and wrote: “Congratulations on an achievement that will remain among the indelible pages of the history of world medicine “.

President Alberto Fernandez f elicited his counterpart Vladimir Putin, the launch of Sputnik V, the vaccine against the coronavirus that Russia launched on Tuesday. . Through a letter, the Argentine president sent ” congratulations on an achievement that will remain among the indelible pages of the history of world medicine .”

“From Russia, good news has arrived that allows us to face this difficult present imagining a better future,” remarked the first Argentine president in the letter to his Russian counterpart regarding the approval and registration that that country carried out yesterday of the world’s first antidote. against COVID-19.

Fernández commented to Putin that he received the news “like millions of Argentines, with a grateful feeling of hope ” and highlighted the coincidences between the two countries in relation to the approach they propose to face the pandemic : 

“My country, together with yours, are among those who raised in multilateral forums and specifically in the G20 that the fight against the pandemic should be governed by the principle of solidarity, ” he said and recalled that the governments that lead both “are in favor of the equitable and non-discriminatory access to medicines and vaccines for all states. ” 

“While some insist on presenting the different vaccine developments as a race between countries, I believe that this pandemic has actually served to unite us as people with a common destiny without distinction of nationalities. The tragedy has reached us all,” he concluded Fernandez. The existence of the new vaccine was known on Tuesday after Putin announced that its development, carried out by the Gamaleya state center in Moscow and the Ministry of Defense, is “effective” and has shown that it offers “long-lasting immunity”.

However, the news raised doubts, especially in the West, because the approval of the Russian Ministry of Health comes without waiting for the results of phase 3 clinical trials, of which it has not published data either.

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