Alba Palacios Dies In a Accident – What Happened To Her?

The young Spanish boxer Alba Palacios has died at the age of 21 as a result of a serious traffic accident. The Balearic sportsman lost her life when she fell from the large-cylinder motorcycle on which she was co-pilot, yesterday afternoon. The news has caused a deep shock in the world of boxing.

The young woman hit a rock and fell unconscious to the despair of her companions. The boys tried to revive her while they waited for the ambulances to arrive. But, despite all efforts to save the young woman’s life, they could only certify her death.

She died in a motorcycle accident

According to Última Hora , the 21-year-old girl lost her life in a motorcycle accident between Esporles and Banyalbufar. It was 6:40 p.m. when the vehicle in which the fatal victim was traveling lost control on a bend. The girl was ejected and knocked unconscious due to the impact.

The unfortunate accident took place this Sunday afternoon on the Serra de Tramuntana road ( Mallorca ). Alba was co-pilot on a motorbike with her group of friends, who had left the route. Suddenly, the vehicle she was riding in lost control and she was fatally shot out.

The emergency services moved quickly to the scene of the accident together with the staff of the health center of Esporles. The paramedics could not reverse the serious situation in which the girl was. For her part, the rider of the accident motorcycle was uninjured.

112 also mobilized a team of psychologists to help the girl’s friends and family. And the fact is, everyone was devastated to learn of the tragic death of this young athlete loved by everyone. What’s more, her death has been particularly painful in the sports circle where she was active.

Alba Palacios was 21 years old and a boxer at the JM Fighters gym in Magaluf, on the island of Mallorca. “Broken”, this is how the Balearic Boxing Federation announced the death of the young fighter. “We have no words to describe our pain for the death of our young boxer Alba Palacios”, they wrote.

The organization sent “a very strong hug to her club, family and friends in these difficult times”. As expressed by the federation itself, “the Balearic boxing family is in mourning”. At the same time, many have sent their message of astonishment and consternation upon learning the facts.

Alba had been participating in fights for some time and had become one of the emerging figures in women’s boxing. Now, the Civil Guard has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the accident. In addition, no other vehicle intervened and everything points to a fatality.

Spanish sport dismissed the young futsal coach Fani Martínez last week. The coach who took the women’s 5 A Coruña to the top died at the age of 26, a victim of an illness. Her loss leaves her players, who achieved glory with her, orphaned.

In addition, Fani would face the fifth season at the head of the team, after achieving the historic milestone of promotion to the Second Division. Both Fani and Alba had promoted women’s sport with their love and dedication to the disciplines. That is why her footprint will remain beyond her tragic disappearance.

This brings the number of fatalities recorded this year on the roads of the Balearic Islands to 22. Despite the dramatic figure, it represents a 36% drop in fatal accidents compared to last year. The historical minimum recorded in 2020 during the pandemic is thus reached.

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