Air India plane with 191 on board breaks in half upon landing, at least 15 dead

An Air India company plane, with 191 people on board, crashed this Friday after leaving the runway at Kozhikode International Airport

An Air India company plane, with 191 people on board, crashed this Friday after leaving the runway at Kozhikode International Airport, in the town of Karipur in the Indian state of Kerala (southwest). The device has been split in two after the accident. At the moment, local media point to at least 15 deaths, one of them the pilot, but the rescue teams are still evacuating the injured in the area.

More than 100 people have been injured and at least 35 have been admitted to the hospital, 15 with serious injuries, the ANI agency reported, citing local authorities.

The incident occurred around 7:40 p.m. local time on Friday, when after a failed landing amid heavy rains in Kozhikode, the aircraft skidded off the runway and hit the ground. According to images distributed by local media, the device has suffered extensive damage in the cabin area and has broken into several pieces

Flight AXB1344, of the Air India Express company, made the route Dubai – Karipur with 191 people on board, including passengers (184) and crew (7). The device, a Boeing 737, had been chartered to bring home its nationals trapped in other countries by the coronavirus pandemic, in this case, the United Arab Emirates, according to the Hindustan Times.

“Air India Express Flight IX 1344, operated by a B737 aircraft from Dubai to Calicut, passed the runway at Kozhikode at 7:41 pm tonight. No fire was reported at the time of landing. There are 174 passengers, 10 children, 2 pilots, and 5 cabin crew onboard the aircraft. According to initial reports, rescue operations are underway and passengers are being transferred to hospital for medical attention, “an Air India Express spokesperson reported. it’s a statement.

A dangerous airport

Kozhikode Airport is a ‘ tabletop runaway’ airport, that is to say, in which the runway is located on a kind of plateau, with gorges of variable depth on the sides and at the end of the runway. Kozhikode airport (or Caliput, another name for the town), is one of the two best-known airports of these characteristics in India, which require special control by pilots when landing. In the case of the damaged Air India apparatus, after leaving the runway between the heavy rains on Friday, it would have fallen into that gorge, with a depth of about 9 meters.

Several ambulances have traveled to the scene of the incident to treat the injured. The Hindu newspaper reports at least two fatalities, although without official confirmation. One of them would be the pilot of the aircraft.,75.950785&z=4&t=m&hl=en&gl=ES&mapclient=embed&cid=12462196298092783738


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