Agustin Ramirez, Singer Dead At 70, Cause Of Death

Together with his brothers, they became the first band to fill the Zócalo of Mexico City.

Agustín Ramírez, who was the voice of Los Caminantes for more than four decades and the founder of the band along with his brothers, died on October 26, 2022, at the age of 70, according to a statement from the band in his official Facebook profile

The renowned vocalist had a 40-year career in the music industry, at the moment his family did not disclose the cause of his death but they appreciate the support that his fans showed throughout his artistic career.

In the said message, they assured that both the Ramírez family and the band members are grateful to the fans for the loyalty and support they have shown over the years, and took the opportunity to ask their loved ones for privacy at this difficult time.

“Agustín loved all his fans and appreciated every person who ever came to see him on stage. Pray in solidarity for his eternal rest, “they wrote through their publication, accompanied by a classic photograph of the interpreter.

As mentioned by his groupmates, Agustín and his brothers left a great musical legacy for romantic music in Mexico. However, they never limited themselves and came to interpret corridos, banda, mariachi, rancheras, norteñas, among other genres.

“He leaves a lasting legacy of passion, dedication and hard work. Although he is no longer with us, his voice and music will continue to be a part of our lives forever,” they wrote in the publication that in a couple of hours exceeded 25 thousand reactions, 6.5 thousand comments and was shared more than 10 thousand times.

Just on August 28, 2022, they celebrated their 70th birthday on social networks, with a photograph in which they can be seen, as always, very elegantly dressed in a three-piece suit, as they used to go on stage. “Today celebrating another year, friends. Grateful to God for giving me one more birthday,” were the words he wrote.

Los Caminantes

Agustín, a native of the State of Guanajuato, specifically from San Francisco del Rincón, summoned his brothers to form a musical group together, and that is how Bernardo, Horacio, Brígido (deceased) and Martín (deceased), began the story of ” Los Caminantes Aztecas”, which was later simplified to “Los Caminantes”.

Brígido was the group’s songwriter, who in 1982 recorded “Supe Perder” and “Para qué qué tú tú Volver” together with his brothers, the same songs that became their greatest hits and that not only opened the doors to the interior of the Republic, but they took them around the world on monumental tours.

Among his songs we remember great pieces such as Ven y abrázame”, “Cuando dos almas”, “El Puente roto”, “Ay, Palomita”, “Tu nuevo cariñito” o “Dos cartas y una flor”, among many others, quickly becomes the favorites of the public with romantic tastes.

Their success was such that they became the first band to fill the Zócalo in Mexico City, and later many others would match their feat. They also toured the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, among other stops in Latin America.

They currently resided in the United States and were formed by Agustín Ramírez himself, the only original member until 2022, as well as Agustín Ramírez Jr on guitar, requinto and choirs; Anthony Ramírez on drums and finally, Salvador Espinoza on bass.

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