Actress Wilma Henriques Dies At 90

With a busy career on the stage and considered the great lady of the Minas Gerais theater, the actress Wilma Henriques died in the late afternoon of this Sunday (18). The artist was 90 years old and was living in a nursing home in Belo Horizonte. The death occurred by natural causes. There is still no information on the date and place of the burial.

“It really came to an end,” replied, emotionally, her friend Magdalena Rodrigues, who accompanied her over the years. It was through Wilma’s direct influence that Magdalena ended up getting involved with artistic militancy, and currently holds the position of the Union of Artists and Technicians in Entertainment of the State of Minas Gerais (Sated). “She has always been an example. It was a gain to have Wilma Henriques at the Minas Gerais theater. It was an honor, ”said Magdalena.

In February, when Wilma Henriques ‘nine decades of life were completed, the newspaper O TEMPO published an extensive special report on the actress’s trajectory .

Wilma had been away from the stage for a few years. Born in Conselheiro Lafaiete, on February 15, 1931, she embarked on the performing arts and collected successes throughout a versatile career. She moved easily through roles in comedies, dramas, and tragedies. Among the shows that were part of the cast, “Fala Baixo, Senão eu Grito”, text by Leilah Assumpção, produced by José Mayer and directed by Eid Ribeiro; and “The Prostitute Respectful”, by the work of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980).

Director Pedro Paulo Cava also highlights the importance of Wilma’s performance beyond the stage, especially from the 1960s, when the category went through a moment of crisis. “Many artists left TV Itacolomi when the channels were grouped into a network. This caused the extinction of a wonderful cast, as the productions were moved to São Paulo, and the people were left without work ”, she recalls. Wilma was the one who articulated a movement that fought for the actor’s craft. Resistance against censorship and dictatorship were also guidelines of the actress. “She had a very strong fighting capacity,” said the director.

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