Abhishek Chatterjee Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

How was the first day to set foot in the Bengali film industry? Harnath Chakraborty, whom Abhishek Chatterjee first met that day, reminisced.

I still vividly remember the first day. I’m editing a photo. Tapanbabu is doing an edit. I’m sitting next to you. Then the boy came. Cute look. Looks like a hero. I saw it on the first day, quite smiling.

Abhishek has been suffering from stomach problems for the last two three days. He fell ill there. He died at home on Thursday morning. Abhishek Chatterjee dies of a heart attack during a shooting.

How did the boy get into the industry? To tell that story, we have to go back to the old words.

Prashant Chatterjee was one of the oldest artists in our industry. Prashant Babu has also acted with Uttam Kumar. He used to play a little negative character. He has also worked in my management. I heard that Prashant Babu has a son. Prashant Babu wants to bring him into the world of acting. Tapanbabu also told me about him. From that source, the cute boy appeared in the studio that day.

Then Tarunbabu (Majumdar) is starting shooting for a movie called ‘Pathbhola’. Looking for an actor for him. After I see the boy, I tell the young man about him. I also mentioned Nayana (Das), another actress in the film. That is the beginning of the journey of these two in the world of Bengali film.

At one point, Abhishek Chatterjee did not have to look back. After work has been done, our sweet has gone with hit pictures. He could dance as well as he could in the action scene. She had a very nice look with him. All in all, he had all the elements to be a hero. And Mithu was able to take full advantage of it.

Whenever we met him, he would make us feel good. It filled everyone’s mind with joy. We have seldom seen smiling people like him.

But not everyone’s time is the same. To survive in any art world, you have to change yourself over time. Mithu may not have changed himself that way. So at one point, he lost the work of cinema. But he did not leave the world of acting. Jatra and Natak have acted in full.

When he got the chance again, he came back to the small screen. Mithu is also quite successful there.

There is no sweetness today. But as long as the world of Bengali film lasts, Mithu alias Abhishek Chatterjee will be remembered. Mithu is one of the most successful heroes of that time. If the history of Bengali cinema is written, his name will not be left out of it, but the words of Abhishek Chatterjee will be written as a very important chapter.

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