The minor took the body out of the vehicle in which he was traveling and collided with a wall in the parking lot of Madrid’s Plaza de Santa Ana

Madrid, May 22 .- A 14-year-old boy has died this Saturday when he took the body out of the van in which he was traveling and collided with a wall in the parking lot of the Plaza de Santa Ana, when he celebrated the victory of Atlético from Madrid.

As witnesses of the event have reported to Efe, the minor was in a van that entered the parking lot with an Atlético de Madrid flag.

The vehicle was driven by some of his parents’ friends and his brother was also traveling with him.

Inside the parking lot, the young man has taken half of his body out of one of the windows and hit an infrastructure wall.

As a result of the impact, the minor has suffered a severe head trauma and has entered cardiorespiratory arrest.

Samur-Civil Protection toilets have carried out resuscitation maneuvers for the child for more than an hour but have only been able to confirm his death.

A team of psychologists have cared for the minor’s relatives and the parents who have traveled to the scene of the accident, as sources from Emergencias Madrid have confirmed to Efe.

The Municipal Police of Madrid investigates the causes of the event.

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