76-year-old Paratrooper Dies In Florida

A 76-year-old skydiver, with more than 20,000 jumps on his resume, was killed in a tragic accident when he collided with another skydiver in midair. According to police authorities, a group of extreme athletes gathered in the northeast Florida city of DeLand to practice jumping.

In the middle of the process, two of the participants opened their parachutes, collided and became entangled with each other. One managed to get out of the difficult situation, reopen his parachutes and reach the mainland completely unscathed, while the other lost control completely and crashed into the ground of a city parking lot.

The other paratroopers tried to save the life of their partner in distress, but it was a very windy day and they were unable to help him. “It’s hard to blame heaven, so big. The sky is huge up there, however, we crashed, “ said one of those involved in the incident to the local channel WESH2 in Florida.

Similarly, the police warned that they will investigate what happened to propose ways that provide more safety to athletes, but for now, they only have to mourn the loss of an experienced man who lived the discipline of jumping to the fullest.

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