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What is Susan Smith Net Worth?

Susan Smith, now known as Susan Leigh Vaughan, is a Criminal though everyone knows her after she had committed the crime of murdering her two sons by drowning them in a lake. Susan Smith net worth is $1 Million, which is earned by committing various crimes.


Susan Leigh Vaughan is an American woman. On 26 September 1971 in Union, South Carolina, USA Susan was blamed for murdering her two young sons, Michael, three years old, and Alexander, one year four months old, by taking them for a drive in the evening and then rolling her car into the John D Long Lake, causing them to drown, which was close by her home.

After her false claim that a black man abducted her car, it gained international recognition.

Smith was indicted as a racist for blaming a black man for her crimes. Thus outrage raged among both the local and national American communities.


Birth NameSusan Leigh Vaughan
Net Worth$1 Million
Birth Date26 September 1971 ( age 50 years old )
Place of BirthUnion, South Carolina, USA
Height5’8” feet Inches
ParentsHarry Ray Vaughan

Linda Sue Harrison

SpouseDavid Smith ( 1991-1995 )
ChildrenMichael Daniel ( 1991-1994 )

Alexander Tyler ( 1993-1994 )

ConvictionTwo murders 
Crime PenaltyLife imprisonment with parole after 30 years

Early life

Smith had a traumatic childhood as his father had taken his life when she was only six years ago. Susan wasn’t mentally stable. At the age of 13, she made an effort of committing suicide. Beverly Russell, her mother, then married a member of the Christian Coalition. In Susan’s teenage years, her stepfather was disclosed for being convicted of sexually assaulting her. 

In 1989, After graduating from high school, she used to work at a local store where she had sexual relations with her co-worker when her relationship had ended with a married man later, because of which she tried to retake her life. 

Susan Smith Net Worth

As of 2022, The predicted income of Susan smith is estimated at around USD 1Million.

Origin of IncomeCriminal
Net Worth$1Million
Salary per yearN/A

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Is Susan Smith Married?

Susan Smith was married to David Smith. The relationship between the two had been unstable due to mutual arguments about cheating; hence Susan and David had separated several times. In September 1994, they filed for a divorce that was settled in May 1995.  

Is David Smith Married now?

After his divorce from Susan Smith, David Smith, in 2003, happily married Tiffany Smith, with whom he has two beautiful children. 

Did Susan Smith have a daughter?

No, Susan Smith had only two sons whom she murdered in 1994 over the greed of marrying a wealthy man.


After taking the life of her two sons, on 25 October 1994, 23-year-old Susan reported to the police that a black man had abducted her car and drove away with her sons inside the vehicle. She showed dramatic concern for nine days on national television to get her sons back safely. However, after an exceptional investigation and a general search for them, she told the truth on 3 November 1994 that she had moved her car into the lake, drowning both of them. The reason for this immense crime was so that Susan could maintain a relationship with Tom Findlay. He was pretty wealthy and did not want children, so he had ended their relationship, which forced her to take the life of her young sons. She stated that she did not purposely plan the murders and was not mentally stable while committing them.


After investigating, the investigator declared that he did not believe her story from the beginning and suspected that she intentionally killed her sons. Afterward, it was revealed by the police that she knew their location and expected that they could be alive. After looking in the nearby ponds and lakes, including John D Long Lake, In the end, their bodies were found. They could not locate the car because the police thought it would be within 30 feet and stopped looking after the car. It was revealed to be 122 feet from the shore. 

Susan’s wrong description about the location when the abduction took the place of the car was a significant discovery as of her lie. All her statements were conflicting against her.

It was claimed in a newspaper that Susan had been maintaining a sexual relationship with her stepfather six months before the murders. 

What happened to Susan Smith?

The defense psychiatrist diagnosed Susan with severe depression and dependent personality disorder, saving her from getting the death penalty. Ultimately, she was sentenced to life in prison and parole after 30 years. According to jail reports, she committed multiple crimes behind bars, and she has lost various privileges such as her phone has been confected, loss of visitation, and canteen.

She got into controversy again in 2000 after sexual intercourse with Alfred Rowe Houston Cagle, a correctional officer. He was fired from his job and served three months in jail for this illegal relationship. After that, she was moved to Leath Correctional Institution in Greenwood County, South Carolina.

Susan’s cellmates talked about life behind bars with the murderer. 

Christie claimed that she witnessed from her eyes Susan’s drug habit. Christie’s purpose was to bring her the pills. On the other hand, she looked up to her as a mother figure. She often looked out for Susan when she would be having intercourse with other inmates in the cafeteria and shower and she was caught doing it in a dumpster as well. Christie split up with Susan when she recognized she was a master manipulator.

She got a lot of money.

Hulsen, the other cellmate, said Susan often saw a guy who used to fly up to the prison to see her whom she met on the internet. She got a lot of money from this guy and other random men and her family. Hulsen stated that “you never know what someone is going through”, so she showed sympathy to Susan and wasn’t one to judge, but after filming and knowing about her crimes, she had a change of heart.

In November 2024, Susan will be permitted for release.


  • Susan is said to be one of the wealthiest Criminals in America.
  • A tv series named American justice had been made documenting  Susan Smith’s reckless murder of her two sons.

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