Doug Coe Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Doug Coe was a famous American businessman and social activist who served as the associate director of a political and religious organization, The Fellowship. Doug Coe Net worth is estimated at $5 million.

He was a celebrity, and Doug had a fruitful career throughout. Being born in 1928, Doug had a reasonably long life, and he died on February 21, 2017, aged 88.

Doug had a successful career, and he gathered a lot of assets during his period. He earned this considerable amount during the peak of his career. He is presumed to be one of the most successful men in politics of America. Doug was also titled in 25 most influential evangelicals of the United States by Time Magazine.

Full NameDouglas Coe
Birth Date20th October 1928
Віrth РlасеUnited States of America
OccupationAssociate director of The Fellowship
Age(Died) 88 years
Маrіtаl ЅtаtuѕMarried with Janice Coe
Net Worth$5 million


Doug was a graduate of Willamette University, and he got a degree in science. It was during his college years when he started to involve with religious groups. He also associated himself with the American teacher and Politician, Mr. Mark O. Hattfield.

Family Life

Doug’s father was Milton Evans & his mother’s name was Loda Helene Coe. His father was a school teacher in Medford, Oregon, whereas his grandfather was a baptist.
Doug took his mother’s last name because she was critical in his life, and he was more close to his mother. There are not many particulars available about his siblings or anyone he grew up with.

Personal Life

Doug was involved in a romantic relationship with Janice Coe, his college sweetheart. Both of them lived happy married life for 68 years. The couple had five children together; Timothy, David, Debbie, Paula & Becky. All their kids are married, and the couple had 21 grandchildren. Doug and Janice also had a sixth child, a son named Jon, who died early.
But before his marriage with Janice, Doug was married to Lise Coe, his first wife, but she died in 1985.

Profession & Career

Doug involved himself in religious organizations during his early college years. One of the organizations that he joined was known as the Young Life. This group was founded by minister Jim Rayburn in 1941. Young life originated from Dallas, a state in Texas, America. Doug was an essential member of the group, and he worked all across the world for this group.

Later, in 1958, Abraham Vereide, the founding director of International Christian Leadership, laid the foundation of a religious party, and Doug became an employee in that group. Initially, his job was clerical work, but later on, due to his interests, he became the assistant director for this organization in 1963. During the peak of his career, he made the most money and added to his net worth.

He works in company with Abraham Vereide & other influential personalities, including Clifton Robinson & Richard C. Halverson. Another fact about Doug Coe’s career is that he was also a member of a planning committee that worked for students’ interests to build up their morale. The organization’s name was National Student Leadership.

Doug also had political interests, and President George Bush praised him for his tactics of silent diplomacy. He worked in alliance with president Jimmy Carter in 1978 and issued a worldwide call to prayer with the Israeli prime minister & Egyptian president, Menachem Begin & Anwer Sadat, respectively.

Sources Of Income

Doug had different sources of money as he was involved in different professions. The primary career sources he had in his life were about the religious groups he was part of. It is also heard that some religious groups were not much apparent, and they hid their identity.

This profession proved worthy for Doug. Being the Assistant Director of ICL and involvement in other political and religious parties were the primary source of income.
Some Facts About Doug Coe

Doug married Janice Coe a few months before graduating from college in 1953.

They together have six children, 21 grandchildren, and 56 great-grandchildren.

The couple lived a wonderful married life for 68 years, and on their 69th anniversary, Janice attended a gathering where they honored Doug.


There is not much known about the real estate he owned. However, depending upon his assets and net income, it is fair to estimate that he lived in a great house.
He lived in America; throughout his life and during his death, he lived in Washington DC.


To conclude this informative article, we have provided ample information about Doug Coe’s net worth and his early and personal life. Facts about his successful career have been mentioned in detail. If you want to get an idea about Doug Coe’s net income, we are sure that this article will help you a lot.

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