Diana Roma Net Worth (2022), Youtube Stats, Earnings, Real House

Diana Roma net worth is no more under the rug. The youngest self-made Millionaire Diana Roma, who are under ten years old, make a whopping amount of net worth each year. The mastermind behind the notion of success which aligned Diana and Roma with a substantial fortune, is their parents. Ukraine’s most subscribed YouTube channel makes billions of yearly views through child content.

We know the curiosity to know Diana Roma earnings have reached up. Let’s card up the sleeves together. Find what is Diana Roma net worth and earnings here.

Name Diana and Roma
Full Real Name Eva Diana and Roma
Diana’s Age Seven years
Roma’s Age Eight years
Diana’s Height 3 feet and 5 inches
Roma’s Height 3 feet and 8 inches
Diana’s Date of Birth 16 March 2014
Roma’s Date of Birth 22 October 2012
Profession Youtuber
Country Ukraine
Nationality Ukraine
School Homeschooled
Qualification School Student
Net Worth  $300 million
Diana Roma Earnings:

We have broken down Diana Roma earnings according to the YouTube advertising revenue, views, and audience.

How much do Diana Roma make a year?

Find Diana & Roma annual income in figures. But our best guess might be closer to Diana Roma yearly income. Well, Diana Roma can make $155 Million every year. Let us break down and make things easy for you.

t5whereas the Kids Roma show makes $30 million yearly. Moreover, the first youtube channel, Diana Roma, makes $25 Million. Let’s break down the channel’s youtube stats and Youtube pay-per-view algorithm.

Youtube channel owners receive 55% of every dollar paid by the advertisers. If everyone watched the ad instead of skipping and jumping on their video, the average pay rate paid to the Youtuber is $7.60 CPM, which in total gets you 55% x $7.60 is $4.18 per 1,000 views.

The Kids Diana show has received 76,316,056,136 views which would evaluate at $100 Million in a year; the same logic applies to the Kids Roma show and the other Youtube channel, Diana Roma.

Diana Roma vacation hosue
Princess Diana’s Bahamas vacation home
Brand Promotion:

Diana Roma make a huge amount through sponsorship and brand collaboration through social media platforms known as Instagram and Tiktok.

What is Diana Roma Monthly Income:

Diana Roma monthly income is $12K – $269.5K. The estimated stats of Diana Roma have been considered after considering her youtube and advertising factors. Although we can never be optimistic about the precise quantity, this is our best guess.

What is Diana Roma Net Worth?

Diana Roma net worth is $300 Million. Since its release, Ukraine’s most subscribed Youtube channel has set a new modernized standard of success for the Youtube Kids. According to parents Elena and Vladimir Kidisyuk, they did not plan to jump on the Youtube bandwagon to earn millions in a month. But it happened and paid off within a few years of its launch. They created their first video because when Diana was born, they wanted to share the joy of bringing up Roma.

Diana Roma net worth in 2021 was $250 Million. Diana Roma made considerable money in 2021 through Youtube advertising and implemented great marketing tactics to promote their label.

In 2020 the Kids Diana show launched a brand-new line of toys and clothing for kids at Walmart, for which Diana partnered with Pocket. watch.

Diana Roma net worth in 2020 was half of Diana Roma net worth in 2022. However, Diana Roma made $150 Million in 2020.

Moreover, Diana Roma net worth in 2019 was $120 Million. The brother-sister duo’s net worth was never seen dropping less than $100 Million.

Net Worth Growth
Net Worth in 2022 $300 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $250 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $150 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $120 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $90 Million
Net Worth in 2017 $50 Million
Net Worth in 2016 $25 Million
Diana Roma net worth
Diana Roma net worth

Youtube Channel Statistics:

Diana Roma EN:

Diana Roma’s first Youtube channel was Diana Roma EN, created on 23 Dec 2011 with a total of 3,711,735,830 views today. Moreover, Diana Roma do productive activities every day, including singing, dancing, painting, cleaning, washing dishes, animals, shapes, colors, and more organic content on their Youtube channel. However, the kids worldwide follow Diana Roma and demand more organic and healthy content. Furthermore, Diana Roma’s Youtube content is under U.S. and international laws.

Kids Diana Show:

Diana Roma’s second Youtube channel was Kids Diana Show, created on 12 May 2015 with 76,316,056,136 views today. The channel attracts 10 Billion monthly views on 20 different channels and is translated into 20 languages worldwide. After Diana Roma EN, the Kids Diana show is another top-rated kids channel. The Kids Diana Show focuses on creating content comedy videos for preschoolers. Each episode of the Kids Diana Show has a creative touch of animations, live performances, and music.

Kids Roma Show:

Diana Roma’s third Youtube channel is Kids Roma Show created on 13 May 2015 with a total of 6,185,091,450 views today. The content creation did seasonal and occasional wise for kids. They bring activities related to the kid every summer, winter, autumn, spring, easter, Christmas, new year, and other occasions.

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Kids Diana Show, generally her real name Eva Diana Kidisyuk was born on March 31, 2014. Brother Roma was born to parents Volodymyr and Olena on October 22, 2012. Diana and her brother Roma co-own three Youtube channels; among them, Diana’s channel stands as the 8th most-subscribed Youtube channel in the world.

By Zodiac, Diana Roma are pieces and libra. By appearance, the 10-year-old kids Diana has a pair of grey eyes coupled with naturally blonde hair. Kids Diana’s height is 3 ft 9 inches. Where else, Roma also has natural blonde hair. His height is 4ft 2 inches. Their religion is unknown.


Diana Roma Parents and Family:

Diana Roma were born to Elena and Vladimir Kidisyuk. The Ukrainian-American-based family owns the most Followed Youtube channel in Ukraine. Mommy, Daddy Elena, and Vladimir Kidisyuk are the real mastermind behind the youngest self-made Millionaires, Diana Roma.

The 10-year-old digital influencer Diana and brother Roma live with their parents and baby brother Oliver in Ukraine. Moreover, many people have shown details about Diana Roma parent’s surnames. Well, due to some privacy reasons, the parents have chosen to hide their surname.

What Do Diana Roma Parents Do For a Living?

Diana Roma parent’s occupation is among the most-searched online questions. Just as Diana Roma parents have kept their surname hidden, their occupation is also kept at the camera’s lens. They avoid talking about their occupation on camera.

Moreover, in a recent interview, Diana Roma Parents said, “We left our job soon after the channel gained 100000 views and hit 1 Million subscribers. We decided to spend more time as a family, and give more time to our business.”

Diana Roma House:

What is Diana Roma house Miami, Diana Roma house in Florida, and Diana Roma house Dubai is one of the most searched questions on the internet today?

Diana Roma have not done any specific video on a house tour. But they have done many room tour videos on their channel. Undoubtedly, the young-self-made millionaires live a luxurious lifestyle where they have almost every luxury item. They have everything in their luxurious home, from top-notch furniture to exotic dining experiences.

Kids Diana Show Awards:

The Kids Diana Show was shortlisted in the Kids & Family category for the tenth annual Streamy Awards in 2020. The award show happened on December 13, 2020. No further details are available.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What ethnicity are Diana Roma?

Diana Roma are of white ethnicity.

Are Diana Roma twin?

No, Diana Roma are not twins.

Does Roma and Diana have a baby brother?

Yes, Roma and Diana have a baby brother Oliver. 

Where does Diana Roma live currently?

Diana Roma live in Miami, United States.

Do Diana and Roma have an older sister?

No, Diana is the first-born.

Final Words:

Diana Roma Net worth is more than $100 Million. The youngest self-made Millionaire Diana Roma have earned most of their net worth through their three YouTube channels. Moreover, parents Elena and Vladimir Kidisyuk were the masterminds behind the notion of success which aligned Roma and Diana with a substantial fortune today.

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