Mexican rock is in mourning: Zette Voltage, the drummer of Los Abominables, has died

Various personalities from the music scene have shared a large number of messages mourning the loss

After an intense nearly two-year fight with cancer, drummer Zette Voltage passed away. Her husband and bandmate Kill The T. V.Johnny Pous, reported the news via a Facebook post.

“ Words, on occasions like this, feel very used, that they fail to represent my feelings, they fail to describe my love for her and hardly represent just a drop of the great storm that was. A hurricane that never went unnoticed, that turned the world upside down in its wake, to leave a better world, a chaotic, beautiful, creative storm that I was lucky enough to call my wife, my partner, my accomplice ”, wrote the also a musician.

Zette Voltaje was part of more than one band, among the most remembered is Los Abominables, alongside Abulón from Las Víctimas del Dr. Cerebro; VedetteA to ZViolenta and in recent years she focused on Kill the TV

In the publication Pous recalled some moments with Zette during her battle with cancer, emphasizing the strength and courage with which the drummer faced her illness.

“During this time, Lizzy taught me what it means to have unwavering will and courage, resilience and strength that I’ve never seen, and boundless love of life, her music, and me. But the last few years are not even close to a description of this great woman who opened doors, paved roads, created realities, and served as an inspiration for many people (including myself), ”commented her husband.

The last goodbye to Zette Voltage will be at the Gayosso Sullivan funeral home located in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office in Mexico City.

Others who dedicated a few words to the drummer was the group Riesgo de Contagio, which they remembered when Zette played with a Spice Girls mask with the Violeta band, one of the first groups in which she participated.

Lino Nava, guitarist, composer, and producer of the band La Lupita, classified her as a “music lover and rocker”, at the same time that I wish her a safe journey on her descent.

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