Wrestler Estrella Blanca Dies At The Age Of 83

The legendary fighter ‘Estrella Blanca’ died at the age of 83, who was also known as ‘El Santo Poblano’.

He died the legendary fighter ‘Estrella Blanca’, who also was known as ‘The Holy Poblano’, at 83 years of age, although they have not revealed the causes.

The news of the death of the legendary Estrella Blanca’ was released by his son, ‘Estrella Blanca’s son’, through his social networks.

“Today one of the greatest figures in wrestling has gone to his eternal rest. Today Estrella Blanca rests in peace, ”the statement began.

“For you, the figure, the idol, the tireless fighter, the Santo Poblano, is gone. For us, our father, grandfather, friend, our counselor, precursor, and teacher in wrestling left.

The family man, the one who with his effort and sacrifice educated us and brought us forward.

Today the earthly brightness of the Estrella Blanca is extinguished and it becomes part of a constellation to now illuminate our sky with its eternal brightness. ”

CMLL regrets the death of ‘Estrella Blanca’, also known as ‘El Santo Poblano’

The World Wrestling Council (CMLL) mourned the death of ‘Estrella Blanca’, a mythical wrestler who was also known as ‘El Santo Poblano’.

It was through social networks where the CMLL mourned the death of the legendary fighter, sending a message of condolence to family and friends.

“The CMLL joins the grief that the Luchistic family has for the sensitive death of this legendary fighter who was a great figure for several decades,” he said.

“REST IN PEACE, Estrella Blanca. The CMLL joins the grief that the Luchistic family suffers for the sensitive death of this legendary fighter who was a great figure for several decades in the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre, mainly in the Puebla Arena, and which was commemorated in the year 2019 within the Tribute to Two Legends in this venue ”


Estrella Blanca: why was he known as El Santo Poblano?

Estrella Blanca began his career as a wrestler in 1954 under the name Joe Chamaco , with whom he only fought seven times, until he began to wear a mask.

The blue mask with a white border and a Blanca on the forehead, reminded precisely of El Santo , which is why he became known as El Santo Poblano.

Estrella Blanca himself revealed that the one who gave him that nickname was Don Benjamín Mora Sr., who did it to attract the attention of fans at the Puebla Arena.

“There (at the Arena Puebla) I fought 17 consecutive years. Every eight days all the seats were sold. The Santo Poblano thing was given to me by Mr. Benjamín Mora Sr., one day when sales were very low due to the celebration of San Sebastián de Aparicio. The promoter said that he also had his saint: San Estrella Blanca, who would perform the miracle for him by filling the sand. This is how it happened: At two in the afternoon there were no more tickets, and at night there was no room for a pin ”

Estrella Blanca

Among his greatest achievements are having bet his mask without losing it more than 300 times , in addition to achieving eight championships in light and medium weights.

He defended the AWWA World Lightweight Championship 50 times, Estrella throughout his career he earned 200 masks from his rivals and 101 scalps .

In 2019 he received a tribute from the World Wrestling Council (CMLL); In an interview in 2013, he noted that he wanted to be buried with his mask on.

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