Why Gaby Platas Underwent Surgery At 32 To Avoid Having Children

The actress of “What’s wrong with my family?” shared why he decided to have sterilization surgery 15 years ago

The actress says that during the nine years she was married to the driver there was infidelity and disrespect towards her.

Actress Gaby Platas recently decided to open up about her private life and, in addition to the abuse she suffered from her last ex-husband, she uncovered why and how she has decided to stay away from motherhood since her youth.

In April 2018 Gabriela Platas and her then-husband Francisco de la O announced their separation after 10 years of relationship, through a statement.

Without giving details of the reason that originated their breakup, the artists expressed in the document: “We inform you that for a few weeks we have been separated. We have spent many very beautiful years together and our separation occurs in the best terms.” Three years after that announcement, the version of that break is another.

Gaby Platas was in the program En casa de Mara and said that although before the public her marriage to Paco de la O (her third husband) seemed perfect, behind closed doors it was a nightmare in which there was violence, infidelity on the part of him and even drugs in between.

“Why did you decide to divorce? I saw them as a very solid couple,” commented journalist Mara Patricia CastañedaGaby’s response chilled more than one: “Well, no. Outside you can see one thing and inside the house, it is another. I could give you 200 reasons why we got divorced, but it was definitely the best decision for me.”

“Regardless of the fact that as a person he does not deserve anything, I think that for me as a woman it was important to end a relationship with so many negative things and that suddenly you get used to it and you don’t realize that you live in violent environments, infidelity, drugs and suddenly you get used to it, “added Platas .

Gaby accepted that for years she lived blind and had not realized the reality and that in fact she got used to violence and the little respect that her ex-husband had for her.

His position began to form when he was only 12 years old and he told his mother, who assured that as a woman, with the passage of time, her idea would change and she would result in having at least one child.

Contrary to what her mother speculated, Platas grew up and did not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​being a mother, nor did the “biological clock” warn her that it was time to have children, on the contrary, her position towards motherhood never changed and today, after 15 years after surgery to prevent pregnancy, still happy with it.

“It is important to realize that no woman deserves to live in an environment like that and not get used to it. Suddenly you get used to the bad. You don’t realize until things become really very bad and there is like a little voice that She tells you: “This is not right, it is not normal, it is not what you deserve.” For me, it was a great decision not to be there anymore.

“Yes, they are things that you can realize after two months, but like it is little by little and one is blind and time passes. But it does seem important for women, even if you have been 30 years (of relationship), if you are in an environment where there is violence, where there is no respect, you don’t have to stay, “added Platas .

Gaby also said that, unlike her other two husbands, the businessman Alberto Shueke and the announcer Poncho Vera, she has not had any contact with Paco de la O since she broke up with him.

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