Who is Zuleika Garza And How She Became Sammy Pérez’s Girlfriend

When the actor introduced his fiancée, they talked about their relationship dynamics, how they met and even revealed who frequently showed their jealousy.

It was in early 2021 that Sammy Pérez first introduced Zuleika Garza, his fiancée. His public appearance occurred through the program Es Show, which is broadcast on Multimedios.

In this program, Zuleika told that the story of her romance began with one of her relatives, who introduced her to Sammy outside a sports stadium in Guadalajara. According to both, it was very little time before they began their relationship as it was love at first sight.

Zuleika Garza is originally from Colima and works as a sales promoter, specifically of light aircraft and aerial sprayers. When asked about how she met Sammy, she answered the following:

“I met him through a cousin who is a new talent, and from there it all began in September of last year (in 2020) he is very romantic, very attentive, very affectionate. I could say many things about him; what made me fall in love with him is that he makes me smile all the time, he is very attentive “

Since that broadcast on Multimedios, the rumours regarding the true reasons why Zuleika was with Sammy were already looming, as the Es Show hosts asked her to clarify if their romance had begun for any monetary interest.

In this regard, the then partner Sammy denied it was that way because he has her own economic livelihood “Not so, I have my work and to start he does not give me anything, it does not keep me …”, said the young.

Sammy Pérez Died
Zuleika Garza, Sammy Pérez’s fiancée, is also infected with COVID-19. (Photo: @sammyperez_xhderbez)

Zuleika and Sammy seemed to coordinate their relationship very well as they mentioned that they ate where they were hungry, they didn’t care if it was a taco stand or a fancy restaurant.

During the program, they also talked about jealousy within their courtship, according to Zuleika, the one who used to be bothered the most by the looks of other men was Sammy, he even mentioned that he did dare to confront those who approached him with a romantic interest. This couple planned their wedding for May of this year, but at that time they mentioned that they could not carry it out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Different versions assured that after the death of the actor, Zuleika would have escaped with access to Sammy’s bank accounts, and it was also said that she would have left him in the hospital during the time he was hospitalized.

Recently Zuli, as she is also known, returned to the program Es Show to deny not only Eugenio Derbez but also part of the comedian’s family who has pointed out various irregularities.

Through the Multimedia program, who was Sammy’s girlfriend assured that, contrary to what the producer Eugenio Derbez assured, she did not hide or run with her partner’s accounts, and even assured that she continues in Colima with her family.

But on the heart of the matter, she revealed that she has the evidence, both photographs and videos and documents that show that she returned all the cards and accounts to Daniel Pérez, Sammy’s nephew.

Sammy Pérez Died
Family members of Sammy Pérez have accused Zuleika of abandoning him (Photo: Instagram / @ sammyperez_xhderbez)

In addition, he assured that the reason for his alleged disappearance from the public eye was that his doctors recommended that he isolate himself, after his partner tested positive for COVID-19, the same reason he died a few days ago in a private hospital.

“Good night, the truth is that I am devastated, first I want to clarify two things. I am not here, I have not fled, I have not hidden, here I am in Colima. Sammy Pérez’s nephew, Daniel Pérez and Jessica Pérez have said many things about me, that I left with the bank accounts, there is the video where I sent them the things, I did not abandon it, I was in isolation as the doctor told me “, he assured in a telephone interview.

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